We would like to thank all of you for voting for Sparkle’s story.  We didn’t get a chance to do a blog since Sparkle’s blog, so we will catch you up.

Tawnee had a busy list of things to do, so she hit the road.  She had an surprise adoption checkup to do and a horse welfare checkup.

Many of you may remember Lexen, who came in with the slaughter pipeline horses.  This is Lexen when he came in.

Here is Lexen now, nice and happy.   He is still gaining his weight back but is doing really well for an older horse.

Lexen’s mom really loves him and you can tell the love is mutual.  Lexen like every horse around needs a bath, but that will have to wait for warmer weather.

The welfare checkup Tawnee had been called out on was at a property that the neighbors all said the people that lived there were evicted.  Apparently a little baby horse had been left behind, and concerned individuals put it in the shed to keep it safe as there was no were else for the baby to be.

When the door opened you could see a poor little bewildered baby horse looking out like “Why am I in here?”

It was definitely not an ideal living situation for a baby horse with all the obstacles in the shop.  The owner was finally tracked down and the little horse was moved to another location.

Eoos was working on his smile because he knew his potential mom was coming to see him.  He wanted to make sure he had the right look where she would fall in love with him.  It must have worked because after visiting him, she is still very excitedly waiting her adoption application to be approved.

We’re still working on getting gravel out to the shelter, so no vehicles but the Hay Wagon can drive around the property.  It was finally a non-raining Sunday, so the shelter was open!  A great group of volunteers came out to help clean and do what they could to help.

They all had fun playing with the animals once the chores were done.

A truck and trailer backed up to the shelter gate to surrender a horse.

They unloaded a horse they had owned for 10 years and were no longer able to care for him any longer due to the economy.

Meet Skippy, he is a 28 year old gelding who is OK for light riding.  He is a really sweet old guy.

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