Wednesday was a busy vet day.  Generally it’s horses at the vet, but this time it was the little critters vet day.  Shadow was in a stall at the vet wondering what her day would hold.

Sir Peanut was also at the vet wondering what was wrong.  Poor guy, he had no idea he was having brain surgery and hoof care all in the same day.

Sir Peanut’s hooves were in the worst condition we have ever seen goat hooves.  The lady who surrendered him said he came that way when she got him and he wouldn’t let her trim his feet.

Shadow’s procedure was getting set up first.  She was going to be de-horned and freezebranded, all under the comfort of anesthesia.

Soon Shadow was getting sleepy.  She was standing there, then her head dropped lower and lower…

…soon she was laying down, fast asleep.

Once she didn’t know anything that was going on the dehorning procedure started.  We have seen some pretty severe injuries done by cow horns to other animals, and for her safety and the safety of all people and animals around her, Shadow needed to be dehorned.

Then she needed to be freeze branded.  Since we have first right of refusal on our adoption contracts we want to make sure if she ends up anywhere she isn’t support to, the brand inspector will notify us.

Soon it was all over and Shadow was waking up from the anesthesia.

She was happy to wake up and be alert, ready to go back to the comforts of a nice stall.

Then it was Sir Peanut’s turn.  It was suggested by one of our Facebook fans that he needed a more majestic sounding name, so Sir Peanut it is.  He is quite the incredible looking goat.

He wasn’t quite sure if this was all a good idea or not.

He knew something had to be done about his feet though.

The chain collar that was around his neck was put around his horns to protect the integrity of his airway.  Then Sir Peanut started getting the sleepy look.

Soon Sir Peanut was out.

The length of his hooves was really unbelievable.

The hoof nippers got busy trimming away at the overgrown feet.

It was all over in no time and Sir Peanut the billy goat was now Peanut the whither.  But at least he has nice new feet!

Tawnee held one of the bigger chunks that had come off his hoof so you can get a size idea of how much hoof had to come off.

Peanut liked his nap and wanted to nap a little bit more.

But soon he was up with a look of “What just happened to me?”  Don’t worry, life will get really good now that you don’t have to worry about impressing the nanny goats anymore.

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  1. When I realized that my farrier wasn’t doing the best job possible, it became obvious that I needed to know more about hoof care and what a good trim was. This book was a big help in doing that. And I got a new farrier who is doing a much better job for my horse and her long term soundness.

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