We got a call from a horse owner who was very concerned about her horse who had injured herself.  The owner’s truck engine had blown up and she had no way to get her horse to the vet.  She called up to see if we could help, and soon Tawnee was on the road to help the injured horse.

It was overcast with fog in the valley.

But in the mountains everything was bright and sunny.  There was a very little pad at the lady’s house that Tawnee had to get the truck and trailer turned around on.  She hoped she could do it, it was really small!

The horse watched on as Tawnee maneuvered the truck and trailer, and everyone gave a sigh of relief when the truck and trailer were pointed in the right direction.

Tawnee says going out on calls like these is such a pleasure.  So many times we see so much cruelty from owners who could care less about their animals, but at times like these, the owner is doing everything they can to ensure their horse is well cared for.  Tawnee says these are therapy calls for her.

From the concerned sound in the owners voice Tawnee was expecting to find the horse severely injured, but instead found a small injury on her front leg.  It should heal up with vet care in no time at all.  She was a good girl and loaded right up into the trailer.

When Tawnee and the horse were back in the valley the fog had lifted.

She was such a good girl, probably a little confused about what was happening, but unloaded and waited patiently for her turn.

The vet tech checked her out and she’ll be getting all the care she needs.

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A huge “Thank you!” goes to Donna A., Constance W., and Chevron for their generous donations.

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