Thanks to all of your phone calls and support, the horses in the mud were seized!  We cannot thank you enough, ReHorse Rescue (who has custody of the horses) and especially the horses are eternally grateful for each and every phone call.  After you started making phone calls, ReHorse Rescue got a call from the county that said they were issuing a warrant to seize the horses and to get ready to move them all out of the mud.  Now the horses are safe.  It will be a long rehab, and ReHorse Rescue Ranch can certainly use some financial assistance with the rehab.  They are a 501(c)(3) organization (and a “good rescue” from everything we know.)  To visit their website for more information, click here. On a side note, the owner and his wife were both arrested for animal cruelty.  Way to go county!

Channel 10 did a story on the horses when they were safe at ReHorse.  To see the newsclip, click here. Give yourself a pat on the back, thanks to your phone calls and all the hard work of everyone that did what they could, these horses are safe.

We apologize for the blog not being regular, but the shelter was closed Sunday due to rain, and Tawnee and Jason have been on the road all week ever since.

Finally they arrived to meet DJango (pronounced Jango.)  DJango is a beautiful becoming 3 year old Arabian gelding.  His owners loved him very much but felt he would do better in a home that had more time for him.  His previous owners say:

“DJango( DARK KNIGHT FF) is a purebred, registered, Dark Bay, Arabian gelding.  Django is a real baby and will just stand by you as long as you stay – he loves people. Django will be 3 years old on May 31, 2011.  Django has been in training for 7 months and I wanted to use him as a dressage horse and as an endurance entry.  He has been on trails and has absolutely NO fear of water; his first time out he crossed our creek as if there was nothing there.  Django is BIG – this trait probably comes from his late, great-grandfather, “Huckleberry Bey,” Varian Farms famous stallion.   DJango is an easy keeper, he likes company, he is very willing under saddle.  He shows no preference between men or women, he loves everyone.   We have had Django since he was a year old, he has been loved very much and cared for 100% with NO SHORTCUTS.  He is registered with the Arabian Horses Association,  is current on all vaccines, worming and teeth floating and was trimmed on all fours by our barefoot horse specialist farrier on January 9th.  Django goes English or Western, snaffle bit is all he needs, he has a very cooperative and soft mouth and has NEVER been pulled around or jerked by the mouth, there is no need…a little leg and he goes beautifully. He lifts his feet for the farrier, stands in cross-tie or wash rack and will walk, trot or canter by voice command if you prefer. No time or money has been withheld in caring for this wonderful horse.  He is young and we are hoping that someone will be his forever owner ASAP and that his training and conditioning will continue at the high level he is used to.  Django jumped into the trailer when Tawnee and Jason came to pick him up here at the ranch – we couldn’t believe it – his first time into a ramp-less trailer.  This is just an indication of what a wonderful and game animal Django is.”

DJango had his blanket on and his legs wrapped when Jason and Tawnee arrived to pick him up.

He is such a beautiful big boy!

Once inside the trailer he could tell something was happening, but wasn’t quite sure what.  We always wish we could tell them what was going on, but sadly we cannot.

He looked out at the scenery one last time as the the trailer pulled away.  This had been his home for over half of his young life.

Mile after mile passed underneath the rescue rig on the way back to the shelter.

There is a situation back east that needs a lot of help!  In Ohio, there are 52 horses that are scheduled to start the slaughter pipeline at Sugarcreek Auction on Saturday.  Their owner passed away and the relatives want nothing to do with them.  Below is a copy of the email that is being forwarded around.  If there is anything you can do to help, please call the phone number in the email.

“52 thoroughbred horses need homes. Will go to Sugarcreek this Saturday for slaughter. Gentleman died and his so wants nothing to do with them. Most broodmares are broke and some are in foal weanling, yearlings, 2 & 3 yrs old most are gelded. The horses are FREE and papered.  Friend of the deceased is trying to find homes before it’s too late. Please call 440-463-4288.”

We would like to thank you all for your support both financially and emotionally.  Especially a big “Thank you!” to Kay L., Elizabeth C., Annie W., Cindy M., Gail G., Stephanie J., Cindy R., Dena L., Roberta A., Glennis R.

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  1. ‎52 thoroughbred horses need homes. Will go to Sugarcreek this Saturday for slaughter. Gentleman died and his son wants nothing to do with them. Most broodmares are broke and some are in foal weanling, yearlings, 2 yrs and 3 yrs old most are gelded. FREE and papered. Friend of the deceased is trying to find homes 440-463-4288 or 440-463-4288 Barnesville, OH. Please copy and paste this on your status!

  2. it is not true that the owners of the horses in Copperopolis were arrested for animal cruelty. They were arrested and released for thier own safety during the confiscation of thier horses. It sounds as though they have age related mental congition problems . The horses needed to be taken from them long ago – but the people need help too, and the Christian thing to to is be compassionate and not make them villians. If they intentially (and knowingly) caused harm it would be one thing, but they are not capable of understanding right/wrong any more. Sad for them and sad that the horses had to endure it for long.

    1. The news said that they were arrested, we believe for animal cruelty charges. Regardless, people who do abusive actions to animals must be held accountable, it is never OK to abuse animals.

  3. The post about the 52 TBs maybe a reposting of a very old plea. All horses were placed so please do not call. Best to take it of your blog.
    Sure would like to hear more about the horses at H+. I can’t see FB at work – where I read the blog.

  4. Wow, that is one beautiful Arabian! I wish I could have another horse! He’d be home with me asap! I know you’ll find a great home for him. Keep up the great work!

    1. Re: Django ( Dark Knight FF) .
      Hello Kirsten ,
      SO sweet of you to comment on our baby , I think he will be adopted very soon which is awesome for him…he is probably wondering where his people are . He is HUGE and still a few months growth to go .
      All the best ,

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