We have an exciting announcement from our friends at Home at Last.  Home at Last is a sanctuary that gives a lifetime retirement to as many equine friends, along with a few cows and goats, as they can.  About 1/2 of their residence have come from our shelter.

The exciting news is that they are going to be opening their own gift and thrift store in Chico thanks to some dedicated volunteers, Ron and Helen.  They stepped up and did all the leg work to make this happen.  Hopefully the store will bring some much needed support to Home at Last Sanctuary.

The store isn’t opened yet, the inside is still being remodeled.

They are now accepting donated items and the grand opening is scheduled for February 15th.  Their location is 611 Walnut Street, Chico CA.  We are hoping to be there and hope to see you there too!

There is a printable flyer that you can pass out, hang up in your office or public billboards.  Let’s spread the word!  Click here or click on the flyer for a bigger, printable version.

They also have a Facebook page which you can follow to learn the exciting progress of this new store that will help horses.  Click here.

The last few months we have been thinking about the possibilities of having a Horse Plus Humane Society Thrift Store.  As you know, there is far too much work laid on our current staff and volunteers,  but we are so excited for Home at Last and hope that some day there will be a Horse Plus Humane Society thrift store.

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