We would like you to meet Wendy’s Star, she was surrendered at our Safe Surrender Site.  She was born May 6, 1987, which makes her 23.  She raced at Hollywood Parks and Santa Anita and won about $17,000.

The person who surrendered her wrote: “She was a race horse then a broodmare for many years they did ride her western but I have never rode her. The previous people that had her tried to breed her at 20 and she did not take and she ended up being passed around and at one point was neglected and very under weight. The last people that tried to ride her said she was acting up and they were going to put her down because they felt they could not ride her and they thought she had some issue with her back.  I  took her in as a rescue myself and have had her for a few years. She had her 4-way ,west nile and rabies vaccinations in August 2010 her teeth were okay at that time the vet said. The farrier that normally trims her feet has flaked out on me and I have not found anyone to come to my location to trim her feet she is overdue for trimming. She just started to have an issue with her front right foot and she appears to have a sore on her lower bulb of the heel. It might be due to the wet muddy conditions though she was not in a muddy pen the over cast wet weather has kept her feet wet all the time. I was trying to wash and clean the sore today but she is being very difficult and needs maybe a sedative so her foot can be looked at without her pawing and jerking it out of your hands. I will let the vets office know about the sore when I drop her off. I  was able to get a wrap on it and some antibiotic ointment this morning but I could not get a good look at it she was being VERY difficult .She has been eating senior pellets as a treat and grass/alfalfa hay.”

Wendy seems to be a sweet girl and is looking for a pasture pal home where she can spend her retirement days being loved and spoiled.  If you are interested in giving her that forever home, please let us know.

Sunday morning found Jason getting some chicken pen materials.  We have safe housing for big animals, we have safe housing for little critters, and it’s time to get safe housing for fowl before we get another emergency call like “There are 4 peacocks that need help!”

Home Depot didn’t have all the needed supplies so it was off to Tractor Supply.

Then, the hard work began.  A ditch had to be dug to put the chicken wire into and a bottom cable ran and stretched so no critters can crawl under the fence.

Then the first run of chicken wire was stretched.

Dottie and Macho Man enjoyed watching all the excitement.  They are so cute!  Tawnee told them a secret that made them all ears and now they are extra excited.  You may learn about this secret in awhile.

It was nice to see the solar panels from Hemsol doing their job and getting water pumped.  The tank was soon overflowing and so we redirected the water into the pasture for irrigation.

We have some great news about horses going into adoption pending.  DJango was put into adoption pending shortly after the blog was sent out that talked about him.  Now Tacoma, seen below, is in adoption pending too.  We can’t wait for their adoption applications to be done and for them to start their new lives.

With one of the donations came a really sweet note: “Sure takes a lot of money to run a shelter.  At the rate I give – it would take a of donors, but each donations helps!”  They’re very right, $5 helps, $100 helps, $1000 really helps!  Everyone doing what they can to help the horses and other animals at the shelters helps pay the bills and keep everything going.

Many thanks to Dena L., Roberta A., Glennis R., Teresa L., Omar S., Cindy M., Marilyn R., Show Dressed Up, Josh W., Carla G., Lance A., Select Enterprises, Sea Horse Training, Yvonne W., Anna P., Sandra L., Karen O., Howard N., Taryn M., IBM, Christine G., and Chevron for their very generous donations.  You can see your name here, just click here.

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  1. Hi-got an email yesterday about 50 thbds in utah-their owner died suddenly of a heart attack and they are apparently due to go for slaughter-utah is closer to california than it is to ontario canada so here is the name and contact number_ Holly Cochhead at 613-232-4921-thanks!

  2. This is in reference to the mare that was left in the , Safe Surrender Site. Whoever used this mare as a production line for foals hoping to breed that magic horse that the over-breeders constantly look for hoping to make millions of dollars for themselves just shows what is wrong with the equine industry in this country, indeed all over the planet. This mare was not a runner or she would not have won such a low amount of money. So why was she bred at all? This is the very heart of the problem. Instead of just retraining her to be a saddle horse or what ever she turned out to be good at she spent a good portion of her life cranking out foal after foal. And many of them probably ended up slaughtered. Horse slaughter is the underpinning of the horse breeding industry, meaning it is used as a foundation for the over-breeding of horses in the US and around the globe. In 2010 there was at least 50 million horses world wide sent to slaughter that were all created by the equine industry. Just like this mare, her only fault was she failed to meet her owners expectations. She was not the magic horse they thought her to be so she was thrown away like so much garbage. Kicked from owner to owner for her whole life, used and abused. But at least someone had the decency to leave her where she might find a forever home.

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