We got a call about a horse who’s owner could no longer keep her and they were wondering if we could help.  They had tried to find her a home, but with no luck.  Of course we said “Yes!” and soon Jason and a volunteer where heading out to pick her up.

Meet Raven, a late teens, early 20’s QH cross.  We are told that she is trained to ride and is a nice girl.  We will be evaluating her when she settles in so we can find that perfect match for her.

Raven was excited about her adventure, she could tell the waiting trailer was waiting just for her.

She loaded surprisingly well.

After a short drive it was time to be unloaded.

She was so happy to see all the new friends at the shelter as she was led to a waiting pen.

Then it was time for all the other projects of the day.  The jack handle had broken off the trailer, which made it very hard to get the trailer on and off the vehicles.

Jason got his tools out and soon the old jack was out of the tongue.

Then the new jack was installed.  Now once again it will be no problem putting the trailer on and off tow rigs.

Then the Feather Pen got some much needed work done.  The only saw that was available was a handsaw, but it made short work of the few cuts that needed to be done.

The framing went right up without any fuss.

Then the roof joists were put in.

And last of all the roof OSB was screwed down.

The roof looks really nice from the inside too.

A few more screws in the siding…

…and all that is left is paint and the roofing.  We are also planning on making the opening smaller so the feather friends won’t get blown around inside their shelter when it’s windy.  This will be the deluxe accommodations for the Feathered Friends.

Macho Man can hardly wait for Sunday when the big secret will be revealed.  The shelter will be open from 10:00 – 12:00 this Sunday unless it’s raining.

Many thanks to Gail G for her generous donation!  It really helps a lot.

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