Wednesday was going to be a very busy day.  The trailer had a long schedule for the day so first things first, Jason hooked it up to the truck.

Jason’s schedule for the day was the get the Feather Pen ready for some feathered friends.

On Tawnee’s schedule, she was going to be heading to Home at Last with some horses and some tack to get their thrift store up and going with a good selection.

Donna, at Home at Last, had agreed to take Buckeye the little pony, as she thought that he would fit in very nicely.  Then Donna, on the phone with Tawnee the other day when Buckeye’s arrangements were being finalized, made the dreadful mistake of saying “We have room for two more…”  Tawnee told her about Ginger and Sugar, two older mares in their 20’s, and Donna said “Buckskins!” and told Tawnee how  Buckskins are her favorite color.  Tawnee said “Well, if you really love Buckskins, the girl have a buddy that came in that is a Buckskin too, and they are all friends.  It would be great to see them go together.”  Donna said “Yes!”  excitedly.

So, Jumbo loaded up into the trailer.

Then Ginger loaded up beside him.

Jumbo and Ginger looked a little confused and wondered what was going to happen.  They were probably worried about if they were ever going to see Sugar again.

They were relieved and happy to see Sugar loading up behind them.

Buckeye was excited to go and jumped into the trailer before Tawnee asked him to.

Dottie was hanging out in her pen laying in the sun watching all the horses load up.  She probably wonders when she and Macho Man are going to get to go somewhere again.

Tawnee and a volunteer headed out to Home at Last.

In the back of the truck was all the tack for their thrift store.  The truck bed was full and our tack room is still overflowing!

At Home at Last, when Tawnee opened the trailer door Buckeye was looking out with excitement.

Jim and Donna were waiting to meet the new arrivals.  Dr Darling was there making sure all the residence at Home at Last were happy and healthy too.

Ginger was so amazed at her new surroundings.  She could see lots of new friends to make.

Jumbo, the classy old guy, stepped out of the trailer in style.  He waited for a bit just to make sure all eyes were on him when he made his grand appearance.

Dr Darling did intake evaluations on each one, checking their teeth and getting their weight.

Soon they were all enjoying some nice yummy food and settling in quite quickly at their new forever home.

Then Jim and Donna took Tawnee and the volunteer around to show them some of the old friends that had come from our shelter.  Tucker the mule is doing so well and has such a great personality.

Daisy, the blind mare that was rescued off Craigslist by Diane P., and Levi, from the Nevada feedlot, are doing great and enjoying their days under the shady trees.  There are a whole host of other lucky horses who have found permanent sanctuary at Home at Last.

Then it was time to unload the tack.

There was some smoke in the air and about this time a fire engine came down the driveway.  They wondered if they could get to where the smoke was from Home at Last, and Jim gave them instructions on how to get there.

Soon the engine headed off down the road in the direction of the smoke.  A few days ago Jason and Tawnee passed a field that had a wild grass fire on it.  Now it turns out one of the hills was burning.  Wild fires in February?  We need more rain!

With the rescue rig empty Tawnee headed to Look Ahead Vet to pick up Wendy, who had been surrendered at the SAFE Surrender Site.  We have some exciting news that we may have a new SAFE Surrender Site near Turlock.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Wendy was happy that it was her time to head to the shelter.  The schedule has been so busy that she hung out there a few more days than usual.

Wendy hopped in the trailer like a pro ready for her new adventure.

The drive back to the shelter was uneventful but Tawnee knew it was not the last trip of the day.

Wendy was happy to get out of the trailer at the shelter.

Then it was time for a quick intake photo.  Wendy is hoping that someone will put her in adoption pending and take her home soon.  She is 23 years old, to read her writeup from when she was surrendered, click here.

Barbara wrote a wonderful writeup about excess horse breeding in the comments from Wendy’s surrender blog.  “Whoever used this mare as a production line for foals hoping to breed that magic horse that the over-breeders constantly look for hoping to make millions of dollars for themselves just shows what is wrong with the equine industry in this country, indeed all over the planet. This mare was not a runner or she would not have won such a low amount of money. So why was she bred at all? This is the very heart of the problem. Instead of just retraining her to be a saddle horse or what ever she turned out to be good at she spent a good portion of her life cranking out foal after foal. And many of them probably ended up slaughtered. Horse slaughter is the underpinning of the horse breeding industry, meaning it is used as a foundation for the over-breeding of horses in the US and around the globe. In 2010 there was at least 50 million horses world wide sent to slaughter that were all created by the equine industry. Just like this mare, her only fault was she failed to meet her owners expectations. She was not the magic horse they thought her to be so she was thrown away like so much garbage. Kicked from owner to owner for her whole life, used and abused. But at least someone had the decency to leave her where she might find a forever home.”  Barbara is so right, there are far too many horses bred, looking for that magic horse.

Raven has settled in fine at the shelter and is now waiting to be evaluated so she can be matched up with that perfect family.  She sure is beautiful.

When Tawnee pulled away she could tell that the Feather Pen was getting closer to being done.

She was getting tired of all this driving but knew that this was supposed to be the last trip of the day.

Meanwhile the Feather Pen roof was being put on to keep the friends in and the foes out.

Then Jason scrambled onto the shelter roof to get the roofing nailed down.

Finally the last wire was stretched across the front and it is ready for feathered friends.  It of course still needs paint, but the feathered critters won’t mind that.

Tawnee pulled into Yuba County Animal Care Services.

While the inmates loaded up donated feed, Tawnee headed in to fill out paperwork.  Two horses were being surrendered.

When Tawnee got back out the truck was full of feed.  There was some horse feed, but amazingly enough, there were about 20 bags of chicken feed.  The pen is built for chickens, and now we have lots of chicken feed.  Where are the chickens?

Meet Cowboy, he is a beautiful paint gelding, who we are guessing is around 10 years old or so.  We will know more after his evaluation.  We are told he is trained to ride.  He is a big beautiful boy, standing at what Tawnee guessed at over 16 hands.  She’s the little shadow under his chin.

The other horse is a paint mare with arthritis named Jasmine.

She has arthritis in both her front legs and we will have our vet evaluate her to find out what is going on and what is the best decision for her.

She loaded right up and was a little relieved that she was going with her buddy.

Tawnee smiled on the way back to the shelter as she looked in the back of the truck.  In the morning the truck bed was full of tack that will be used to help the horses at Home at Last, and now it was filled with feed donated by Yuba County Animal Care Services to help the horses and other critters at our shelter.  The kindness was repaid the same day!

We now have 13 monthly sponsors!  That leaves only 1,998 left to go.  Our goal for 2011 is to get the new facility set up and going.  We need steady monthly support coming in so we can make plans, build the adoption center, and all the housing needed for the horses and animals that come through our open doors.  It’s only 67 cents a day, you can be a big part of helping the animals by clicking here.

We haven’t been able to focus on getting the sponsors going.  April, Larry, Tawnee and Jason are all incredibly busy, and we are extremely grateful that long time (years and years) volunteer Cathy has stepped forward to volunteer to get sponsors raised.  She is going to turn into a telemarketer for us, so if you get a call from her, make sure you say “Yes!”  It will be extremely appreciated and help out more than you know.

Many thanks to Tracy C. who became a monthly sponsor, and to Suzanne A. who donated to the hay fund.  You can help too, just click here.

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