We got a great update from Rehorse Rescue Ranch about the horses rescued from the mud pit. They write:

“All the horses have settled in and are adapting nicely to their new living accomodations.
We have so far had 3 hoof abcesses that required veterinary treatment. Many are in need of dental care and very underweight.

“3 of the mares here at ReHorse have been “untouchable.”  In the last 3 days with the help of some yummy apple horses cookies we have been able to finally touch all of the horses. We are assuming that at least the 3 have never been haltered.

“We have been able to obtain more information about the older horses from the Morgan Horse Association. The owner did not keep up registrations as he was breeding. The stallion’s registered name is “Apollo’s Firefox” and he is 28 years old. The older mare that we call “GiGi” is registered her registered name is “Apollo’s Lady Hawk” and she is 24 years old. One of the chestnut mares at Remington Ranch we call “Lace”, we believe her registered name is “Erika’s Crystal Lace” and she is 23 years old. None of the younger horses are registered but the Morgan Horse Association said DNA’s for registration can be done.

“We have been working with the help of volunteers to get the horses cleaned up. What you can see on the horses is not mud. It’s petrified feces and dirt. It’s like concrete and has proven quite difficult to remove. We have resorted to scissors. Hopefully most will come off when they shed out. What a mess!!!! We appreciate all the support for the 10 Copper Horses. We have a long road ahead to rehabilitate these horses. Your continued support is appreciated. Donations can be made at www.rehorserescue.org

We are so glad to hear that the horses are doing better and are somewhere safe!

Today, Tawnee headed to the shelter to get the roosts in the Feather Pen.

Build it and they will come right?  Well, 5 little bantam roosters were surrendered to the shelter today.

It was so cute to open their cage and watch them walk out onto the grass.

They were so inquisitive and started making happy little chicken noises and pecking at the grass.

Soon they were all walking around exploring their new domain.

They are all very friendly, you can walk right up to them, pick them up and carry them.  They were raised around kids and are used to lots of interaction.  If you are interested in providing a forever home to one of these little guys, please contact us.

The two horses that came from Yuba County Animal Care Services are doing great and settling in nicely.  Jasmine posed for a great picture.  She is so cute.

She really loves attention and would make a great pasture pet if the vet gives her a clean bill of health.

Cowboy is quite the magnificent looking fellow.  He too is very sweet and lovable.

Tawnee was trying to get a face shot of him, but every time she went to take the picture he would close his eyes.  She managed to get this one in before he blinked his eyes from the sound of the camera.

We are sure this beautiful boy won’t last long.  If anyone is interested in him he is supposed to be trained to ride and is a great big gelding.  He is supposed to be around 10 years old.  We would recommend putting a hold on him if you are interested in him, we will evaluate him as soon as possible but you are welcome to put the hold on him before that happens.

Sir Peanut has been getting a lot of interest recently and is now in adoption pending.  He may not be able to hold claim of “king of the picnic table” for long, but a new family is much better than a picnic table any day.

Many thanks to:  Claudia S., Donna A., Margaret B., Denise S., Cristi S., Sara H., Kristen D., William E., Jenette S., Jennifer L., Ruthann C., Courtney D., for their very generous donations!

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