We were planning on launching the fundraising for the low cost gelding program a few weeks ago, but with all the tow rig troubles, it was postponed it until now.  Our goal this year is raise $2,500 to geld about 20 stallions.  With your help we can reduce unwanted horse population in the future by cutting it at the source.  The gelding certificates will be issued, pending funding, starting March 1st, first come first serve.  The gelding program will end April 3oth.  To donate to the gelding program, please visit our homepage or click here.

We are going to continue where we left off last blog, Jason and Tawnee’s adventure in trying to get the broken tow rig back north.  Jason and Tawnee rode the train north to get their truck and borrow a flatbed trailer and another tow rig, surprisingly a white van.  To save fuel on the trip back to Fresno the borrow tow rig was loaded up on the flatbed.  Yes, that is snow on the ground.

It was a long trip back to Fresno, Jason kept wishing they could park on a train and let them do the driving.

The next day the broken down van was loaded up on the flatbed.  It just barely fit, there was about 1/2″ clearance on each side.  It was too late to head out, and Tawnee was sick with a fever, so they decided to wait until the next day.

Friday it was pouring rain.  After hooking up the horse trailer to the borrowed tow rig, they headed out.  Shortly down the road Tawnee started flashing the headlights at Jason in the lead rig.  What was wrong?  The wipers didn’t wipe!  Tawnee would turn the knob but nothing would happen.

Jason checked the fuses, but they were fine.  Then he checked the power supply at the wiper motor, fine.  Come to find out, the wiper motor was dead.

They got turned around and headed back to the halfway ranch.  There was no way any vehicle was going anywhere without windshield wipers in the downpour.

Tawnee was a little disheartened with the seeming impossibility of getting back north.  But, everything does happen for a reason.

The driveway at the halfway ranch is too steep for a 2 wheel drive van pulling a trailer to make it up, so the trusty tractor pulled it up the hill.

Sunday morning was bright and clear with no need of windshield wipers.

Mile after mile was slipping under the wheels.  Surprisingly, the trip was completely uneventful and they made it safely and in good time.

The next blog will be about Larry and April’s adventures keeping the shelter going.  This is a sneak preview picture, be sure not to miss it tomorrow.

Please remember the gelding program, it is very important.

Many thanks to Gail G., Marlene B., Jackie J., Annie W., Sara H. and Pamela M. for their generous donations.  We really appreciate it!

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