We would like to thank Larry, April and all the other volunteers for their dedication and hard work.  They are always ready to jump in at a moments notice.  What turned into “Keep everything going for a few days” turned into almost 2 weeks as the tow rig broke down.

We got a call from an extremely desperate chicken owner who was facing putting her beloved rooster down.  She was no longer able to keep him due to living in city limits.  She put him on Craigslist, saying that she wanted him to go to a good home, but she only got calls from people wanting him for the dinner plate.  This was her pet and she was heartbroken that no home could be found.  She called a vet to have him humanely euthanized so he could fall asleep in her arms.  Thankfully the vet gave her our number and said “Try them.”

Meet Big Roo.  He will be looking for a home, but if no home can be found he will be a permanent resident as his previous owner is sponsoring him.   He is a sweet guy, very friendly, and is about a year old.

Larry and April had to deal with a lot of rain which caused a lot of flooding.  Thankfully the shelter property is on higher ground and it has great drainage into the seasonal creek.  Driving to the shelter water was everywhere though!

Larry grabbed some volunteers and took a drive to pick up a great donation: bags and bags of shavings.  We desperately needed some shavings, especially with all the rain.  It would really make it nice!

Bag after bag was loaded until the borrowed trailer was completely full.

Back at the shelter the volunteers had fun spreading out the shavings while the critters looked amazed at their new bedding.

The horses really enjoyed having all the fluffy shavings under their hooves.

Thankfully it wasn’t pouring rain the entire time Jason and Tawnee were stuck down south, so it made the daily chores a lot easier.

Benkey the donkey is such a cute little guy and still waiting for his forever home. Back in November he made a bet with Buckeye that he would be adopted first.  Poor Benkey lost that bet.  One of these days the perfect home will come along.

Parcy and Shadow enjoyed the shavings too.  Shadow is such a cute little girl.

Please remember the gelding program.  We haven’t gotten a single cent donated for it, but people sure are asking for help in gelding their stallions.  We can only do this with your help.  To donate, click here.

Today’s Ebay Giving Works item is a NWT Weaver leather rubber grip barrel reins, color blue.  They look really nice, are only $16.99 and 10% goes to help the horses at the shelter!  To view this item, click here.

Many thanks to Martin O., Constance W., Janice H., Faryn K. and Christina M. for their very generous donations!

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