We would like to thank those who stepped forward and donated to the gelding program.  We have received $145, and have given out our first gelding certificate.    Please remember this program and spread the word to your friends and families.  This program is very important in reducing horse overpopulation, keeping horses in the stable and off the table.  Click here!

At our SAFE surrender site another horse was surrendered.  His name was Bucky, a beautiful 19 year old buckskin.  Everyone who met him at the surrender site really thought he was something else.

Sadly, he had been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and there was nothing that could be done.  His owners wanted him to be humanely euthanized so he would not suffer, but they only had $75.  We are so thankful that they chose to surrender him.  Uncaring owners would have dropped him off at an auction, where a horse trader may have gotten him and sold him on to an unsuspecting family.  It was hard saying “Goodbye” to him, we only knew him for a little bit but Bucky was such a beautiful boy, inside and out.

Andy and Handsome were ready to come back to the shelter.  Now that the trailer was back north, it was finally possible.

First Handsome walked over to the trailer.  What an appropriate name for such a good looking boy.

He hopped right in the trailer like a pro and was ready to see where his trailer ride would take him.

Next was Andy.  He has a reputation of not wanting to get into trailers.  Tawnee wasn’t sure if he was going to be a good boy or not.  After a little coaxing he got in the trailer.  He didn’t want to be left as he is friends with Handsome.

It was so nice to be able to look in the mirror and know that the vehicle was going to be able to tow the trailer.

It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Back at the shelter, Andy and Handsome were settling in to their new accommodations.

Handsome’s neighbor is Benkey.  They just had to say “Hi” through the panels.

Soon Andy and Handsome were all settled in.  The good news is that Handsome is in adoption pending!

Big Roo has settled in nicely but the little roosters think they are still top dogs, even though Big Roo is 3 or 4 times larger than the little Bantams.  One of these days they’ll all get along, but for now they stick to themselves.

While Tawnee was saying hi to Big Roo, Parcy wandered over and looked in as if to say “Now where have you been for the last couple weeks Tawnee?”

While Tawnee and Jason were gone, Sir Peanut, who was adopted before they left, became a bully to the other goats in his adoptive home, and sadly his home didn’t work out.  Sir Peanut is back at the shelter wanting a forever home.  He gets along fine with the goats at the shelter, but they’re all whithers and he was in with nannies and whithers, so we believe he would do best as a single goat or in a home with just whithers.

Dottie and Macho Man heard Tawnee was back and peeked around the shelter to see if it was really true.

Li’ll Shadow has joined in with the group, Dottie finally decided that having two guys around wasn’t the worst thing in the world.  He is such a cute little guy!

In the mail we received an envelope from Save Mart.  What could be inside?

Thanks to all you shopping at Save Mart, Foodmax, and all the grocery stores that accept the SHARES cards, we got a check for almost $250!  Keep shopping and keep swiping, it really does help.

Many thanks to Jennifer C., Scott and Suzanne M., Tracy C., Encanta E., Barbara B., Sharon G., Cindy M. and Gail G. for their very generous donations!  We really appreciate it.

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  1. I had ordered a shares card last time you had talked about it but never recieved it.. What website do you go to to sign up?? I will do it again!! Also, i have a couple of friends looking at rescuing a horse and they sent you emails about making an appt. to come out but never heard back. I know you guys have been really busy so im wondering when would be a good time??

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