We have some great news.  You should all remember the horses that were standing in mud past their knees that we asked you to call about.  The response was great, and the county stepped up and did their job.  They seized the horses, and now criminal charges are being filed against their two owners.  Click here to see Channel 10’s latest news.

Now that the horses are safe and the county did their job and are taking swift legal action, we would like to ask you to take a minute to thank them.  They could have been like so many other counties, stick their heads in the sand and said “We are not going to do anything about it.”  Instead they stepped up and did their job.  Please don’t call them as that would waste their valuable time, but a quick email or mailed note would surely be appreciated, and in the future they will know they have the public support for helping animals in need.

Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department
891 Mountain Ranch Road
San Andreas, CA 95249


This is the county supervisor, Darren.  From the newsclips he was appalled at the horses living situations and no doubt he would really appreciate some thanks.

Darren Spellman
P.O. Box 407
Valley Springs, Ca. 95252


In our last blog we talked E-Adoptions.  We have some great news: Sierra was E-Adopted by Janette.  We are so excited about this new program and hope that other horses can find their loving mom’s and dad’s to give them life and love when no home can be found.

Thursday Jason and a volunteer headed out to get the last of the cheap hay (we think) for the season: $4 a bale.  If only the price for fuel could reflect the phenomenal deal on the hay.

Those dollar signs sure roll up faster than the gallons these days.  $91 for a fillup of diesel.

After the gas station stop a short drive later they were getting close to the hay.

The people said they could have sold a thousand bales at that price.  They grew too much hay in their back 10 acres and sold off what they didn’t need for their horses for a little over the baling cost.  Next year, no doubt, they will price their hay what the market will bear.  Soon the trailer was loaded with nice yummy hay.

Friday morning Jason headed out to pick up a horse.

We had gotten an email from a lady who wanted to surrender a horse.  It was a beautiful 5 year old registered Halflinger, the first registered Halfling we have ever had come through our open doors.

When Jason arrived he met Wof.

He’s a cute little guy, not quite as classy as he looked in the email pictures, but he has his winter coat on to keep him warm.

He was a good boy and hopped right into the trailer.

At the shelter he was excited to see so many new faces across the fence.  He pranced around with sheer joy.

He was posted up on Facebook, and was promptly put into adoption pending by some previous adopters.  We knew he wouldn’t last long, but he didn’t even last until the blog was written.

He is such a gorgeous boy!  His new potential family are so excited to come meet him to make sure they love each other.

The horse bracelets have arrived for our 2011 $20.11 sponsors.  They were on back-order, and then we had to switch to a slightly different design, but they are here.

How can you get yours?  Easy!  Just click here, become a $20.11 monthly sponsor, and let us know you want one.  It’s just that easy.

Many thanks to Pamela N., Judy C., Marie J., Annie W., Kristen D. and Teresa L. for their generous donations.  We really appreciate it!

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