The gelding program still only has the funds available to geld 2 stallions.  Please help us reach our goal, we have people asking for certificates, and if these horses are not gelded, their future can be very sad for them and their potential offspring.  To donate, click here.

As not many “interesting” events happened, enjoy these pictures of the daily chores being done at the shelter.

The hay wagon is used each and every single day to feed all the critters at the shelter.

It has been such a reliable, good running heavy hauling little machine.  The horses are always so happy when they hear it start up, knowing their yummy food is on its way.

Parcy is always so inquisitive, he just can’t wait to get in the way and hear people talk to him.

Li’ll Shadow was so happy that the sun was shining.  It’s so nice to be able to get out of one’s house when the weather is nice.  With all the rain we’ve been having they have a cute little creek flowing through their pen.

Speaking of flooding, the road had a nice creek flowing over it too.

It’s always fun cleaning the tires and undercarriage of the truck.

There was a package notice at the Post Office.  What could possibly be in it?

More Wild Horse Road Apples t-shirts!  Lots of them!  Many of you may remember on eBay Giving Works when Bandit Blue had a surplus of these shirts with the website on it that was no longer functioning.  Bandit Blue paid for the website domain to be purchased and it transfers right to Horse Plus Humane Society.  They must have found some more and shipped them out.  Thanks guys!  We’ll put them to good use.

Many thanks to Joni M., Omar S., Marilyn R., Cindy M., Yvonne W., Carla G., Sea Horse Training, Lance A., Select Enterprises. Show Dressed Up, Suzanne A., Gail G., Laura C., Sara H. and Tracy C. for their very generous donations.  We really appreciate it!

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