Our next euthanasia clinic is creeping up on us.  The time is flying by so fast this year!  This Wednesday, the 16th, is the free Euthanasia Clinic day.  So far we have raised $100 for the clinic out of our goal of $2,500.  We have updated our programs page with thermometers so it will be easier to keep track of where the fundraising is.  Visit the new programs page, click here. Please consider donating to the Euthanasia Clinic today.

We got a great update on an old friend.  La Platta came to us back in 2005 and was adopted into a great home.  A note came with the picture that said:

“I hope you remember us, I adopted Miss Mercy (La Platta) a sweet Arabian that had been starved and lost her pasture mate.  She is our old sweetie and looks great.  She is living with our other 2 rescues, Shadowfax and Wildfire, they are also doing great.

“I got these fly masks sent to me in error and thought you could use them.  I read your newsletters just about every day and I must say God Bless You.  I cry sometimes and get very angry about what I see, but I am thankful that you stuck with your mission.  When I got Mercy (we renamed her) from you, way out in Indian Valley with makeshift pens doing what you could, it is nice to see your rescue efforts grow and the support you now receive and bless that husband of yours too he is a Horse Saint.”

This is La Platta when she was at the rescue back when we were located near Taylorsville all those years ago.

We had some great happenings at the shelter.  Cowboy and Goldy were watching their adoption papers being signed.

Their new family is so excited to bring these two lovely horses into their family.  Any day there is an adoption is a great day.

Goldy was the first to load up into the trailer.  She was a good girl and she hopped right into the trailer.

Cowboy was a good boy and loaded right up too.  He was still a bit sleepy from being microchipped.

Hershey is probably about a month away from foaling now.  She was one of the horses that came from Dee Juttings.  At his “rescue” stallions and mares were allowed to be together, and this is the result of that idiocy.

Hershey has been moved into the barn just in case there is an early surprise.

Many thanks to Anonymous, Danielle C., Margaret B., Donna A., Kirsten D., Courtney D., Claudia S., Cristi S., Jenette S., Sara H., Jennifer L., Denise S. and William E. for their very generous donations. See your name here next blog, click here.

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