The free Euthanasia Clinic is this Wednesday.  We have already had a few senior horses come in for the clinic.  The fund is only at $130 and it desperately needs your help.  Please donate to this important program today, click here.

One of our Facebook friends Chris had this on his Wall, and how true it is.  So many times we advise people not to put their horses on Craigslist for free or very low cost, as KB’s and horse traders will pretend to be loving families that want the horse for themselves, when they only want to make a quick buck.  This story is absolutely shocking of a man who would gather “Free to Good Home” dogs and torture them to death.  Please be careful, if you have to place your animal, Craigslist and classified ads might just be the most dangerous way to go about it.  People can prey upon your situation, and your animal is depending on you to care for it.  The article offers some ways to help keep this from happening.  To read the article, click here.

We would like you to meet K-Man.  He is a beautiful 17 year old Tennessee Walking horse who was surrendered at our Safe Surrender Site.

He is a very beautiful flashy horse.  He does have some arthritis, but he is ridable for beginners.  We will be evaluating him when the weather gets decent.

Sunday we got some terrible news.  Larry, our shelter manager, had a heart attack and was in ICU!  We posted on our Facebook for you to remember him, and the outpouring of support was tremendous.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

The chores still had to be done, and as it was a Sunday we had some visitors.  A lady came out and was looking for some goats to be little lawn mowers.  She really fell in love with the fainting goats and their buddy Sir Peanut, so they are going to be adopted together.

She also fell in love with Benkey and submitted her adoption application.  She is waiting anxiously for it to be done so she can take them home.

A trailer pulled into the shelter Sunday afternoon.  Parcy was looking on wondering what was in there.

Soon a face popped out and Jasper was saying “Hi!” to everyone.

Then the trailer door was opened and Jasper came right on out.

Tawnee took her over to the round pen so she could settle in and take a nice roll if she wanted.

Soon she was looking for that perfect spot.

Finally she found it and was rolling around with delight.

Jasper’s owner explained the whole history of this pretty girl.  She has had a history of violently exploding when her will is crossed.  She has kicked people multiple times, making contact and causing serious injury, and if she gets tired of you riding her, she’ll explode without warning into a violent buck, which has broken human bones when they fly off and land on the ground.  With our old policies we would have been forced to humanely euthanize Jasper with her dangerous history, much the same as no responsible shelter would adopt out a dog with a history of biting people. But now, thanks to E-Adoption, we are trying to find her an E-Adopter.  She is not dangerous on ground work with the normal day to day stuff, she just doesn’t want to be messed with.  She just wants to be a horse, eat her food and have not a worry in the world.

If you are interested in E-Adopting Jasper, please let us know.  She is an 8 year old Mustang Appalossa cross.  Jasper’s mother was a 20 year old wild Mustang mare when Jasper was born.  Jasper is very sweet and friendly when she wants to be.  The owner said that Jasper was going to be humanely euthanised and we were her last option.  Please, if you feel impressed to, help us provide Jasper with a forever home with your E-Adoption.  To contact us, click here.

Our next blog is a “Get Well Soon, Larry!” blog and we want your help!  Please write up a sentence or two for Larry, especially if you have had contact with him or are inspired with his dedication and hard work.  This is a great way that we can show him how much he is appreciated while he is a captive audience in the hospital.  To write Larry a message, either leave it in the blog comments, on our Facebook wall, or email it.

Many thanks to David P., Roberta A., Annie W., Jennifer B., Sondra W., Marilyn R., Marsha H., Conelia D., Suzanne A. for their very generous donations. You can see your name here, just click!

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