“Cock-a-Doodle-Doo” said Big Roo.  It was a good day.  We got the great news that Larry was discharged from the hospital.  He has no permanent damage to his heart, for which we are extremely thankful.  He will have to be on-guard from now on though!  Thank you all for sending in your little notes of thoughts and encouragement.  April said it was amazing to see how much people cared and to see all the thoughts and encouragement.

After the morning chores were done Jason and Tawnee hit the road.  It was pouring rain, but it was going to be a busy day anyway.

Gato was coming back to the shelter, we hopefully have a E-Adopter lined up for him, someone who loves grey horses and just can’t get Gato out of her mind.  Keep your fingers crossed for this sweet boy!

He has really enjoyed the big pasture.

When we first rescued Gato he was a starving mess.

Now he is doing better, but still has a ways to go.  He is an older boy and putting his weight on slower than some of the young horses do, but he is still gaining and looking much better.  This picture was taken about a week ago when the sun was shining.

Gato loaded up into the trailer ready to see what his new adventure would hold.

Back to the shelter they all went.

Thankfully at the shelter the rain had let up.  Gato looked around wide eyed.  He remembered being at the shelter, but it had been awhile.

Annabelle, one of the slaughter pipeline horses, was going to the vet for her pre-adoption exam.

She jumped right into the trailer.  We wish we could tell horses where they were going, but they don’t seem to understand us.

Mr T was also going to the vet.  He has a bump above his nose.  Some of the volunteers saw him get stung by a bee last summer there, and they say that’s how the bump got there.  We’re not sure what the bump was, and neither was the vet at Mr T’s last blood donation.  Now it’s getting where he rubs it when he eats, so it needs to be taken care of.

Mr T wasn’t so sure about getting into the trailer, he says that every time he goes somewhere, he just gives away blood, so why would he want to get into the trailer?

Eventually he hopped into the trailer and off down the road they went.

Mr T was excited to see the door open again and he could get out.  He remembered the cookies after donating blood, so he’s hoping to get a cookie.  For those of you that don’t know, Mr T is a permanent resident at the shelter and donates blood when other goats are terribly sick to save their lives.

Mr T was put into his very own pen with lots of green grass.  He is waiting for his examination tomorrow.

In one of the stalls at the vet a colt was dropped off to be gelded with a gelding certificate.  We would like to thank all of you who donated to make this possible.  This horse’s future is getting very bright thanks to you!

Annabelle was ready for her pre-adoption exam.  She has had trouble with her throat, when she eats and drinks some of it comes back out through her nose.  It makes a terrible mess, but doesn’t seem to medically bother her a bit.  She was examined by the vet before to make sure that she was OK, and now she was examined one more time just to make sure.

She was wide eyed while the examination took place.

Annabelle wasn’t too keen on the mouth exam but she knew it had to be done.

Finally it was over and the vet gave her an OK.  We know she is in desperate need of a bath, but with the weather the way it is, it’s just too cold.  One of these days we’ll have an indoor wash room with heated water for those wintertime horse makeovers.

After a short drive Annabelle was with her new mommy.

She loves all the green grass in her pen.  Her mom and dad worked very hard getting fencing and a nice shelter ready for her.   We wish Annabelle the best, we will always remember you, you are a special girl in every way.

We have put some donated jewelry on eBay as a fundraiser.   It is 3 pairs of Tiffany & Co sterling silver earrings.  The donor says they are worth about $750, and asked us to put them on eBay starting at $200.   To bid on these pretty earrings, click here.

Many thanks to Christine S., Angela T., Joni M., Tracy C., Roberta A., Barbara B., Gail G., Kristen D., Serina L. for their very generous donations.  You can see your name here, just click.

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