We are so excited about the E-Adoption program.  It is well underway with 3 horses E-Adopted.  You can learn all about the program, the two horses that need E-Adopters, and about the horses that have been E-Adopted by clicking here.

Wednesday was a day at the vet and Tawnee was on her way.

It was the Free Euthanasia Clinic day.  There were 3 horses, one of which the owner paid for the euthanasia, so we will have a starting balance for the next fundraiser.  We would like to thank each and every one of you who donated so generously.  This poor old mares legs were so decrepit, it was as if she was teetering back and forth while she walked.   It was so sad to see but knowing that her suffering would be over was such a comfort.  No more pain from arthritis, simply peace.

K-Man was being evaluated by Dr Weaver to see about his adoptability.

It was found that he had a very stiff shoulder.  His quality of life was good, but he was not going to be able to be ridden and he could only be placed as a pasture pal.  Tawnee had an idea for this big beautiful guy.  Benkey is in adoption pending, and Home at Last was going to take him if no home could be found, so Tawnee called them about K-Man.  They agreed to take him!  So exciting!

The colt that was brought in for the gelding clinic was on the schedule to be gelded.

Thanks to you, he was off in La-La land and no more babies in his future.

Mr T was next on the schedule for his nose job.  Look at the size of that bump!

Mr T decided to pose for every angle to get his before pictures.

Soon he was in the hospital wide eyed, wondering if he was going to donate blood or what was going to happen.

He especially wondered about the cookie, there just had to be one somewhere.

He was in La-La land before he knew it and the bump was injected with pain killer which made it look bigger than ever, then it was shaved down for the operation.

After the successful surgery, and 12 stitches, his nose was all back together once again.

Mr T stood there looking as if “Are you serious?  No cookie after all that?”

But, what do you know, a cookie soon came out of the woodwork and Mr T was able to enjoy several of them which made it all worth it.

MR T was so thoroughly impressed with his nose job he just had to pose one more time.  He knows the girls are going to really like him now.

Thursday morning, Home at Last was at the vet to pick up K-Man (formerly named Kim.)  He is such a gorgeous boy.

Grey, who was previously adopted, came back.  He was not fitting in well with his family and showed some signs that he could be dangerous.  After spending time at the trainer, it was decided that he needed to come back.

We welcome Grey back as we do with any of our adoptees, we want to do everything we can to make their life happy.

Grey was soon settled in and munching nice yummy food.

At Home at Last K-Man (Kim) was settled into his forever home and was ready for his first night.

The forecast is dreadful.  Rain.  Rain.  Rain.  Rain.  The shelter will be closed on Sunday, due to the rain.  And the next day.  And the day after that.  What happens when it rains is not very interesting.  We keep all the critters happy at the shelter and the normal chores.  But, what we would like to do during this rainy period, is share your horse stories.  Especially if they have been adopted from us.  We know that each of you have amazing stories about your horse or other farm animal, here is your chance to share them.  If you have a picture of your animal along with the story that would be great.  Please email (info@horsehumane.org) them in, we would like to have at least one a day until the sun comes out.  Stay dry, write us those stories, email them and watch the rain fall.

A huge “Thank you!” to Sheri B., Annie W. and Carla G. for raining donations down on the shelter.

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