We cannot thank each and every one of you that chipped in and donated today.  So far 21 people have said “Yes, we will help rebuild from the devastation” and donated a total of $2,090 today.  We are 17% of the way there!  We have all fallen in love with the automatic thermometer and hope that you are sharing it with your friends and family on your web pages, blogs and other social media.  We are still a long ways from having the funds needed to rebuild, but it was a great day and a great start thanks to you.  To help out, click here. Every dollar really helps, if everyone on this mailing list just donated $5 it would happen.  Please skip out on your coffee today and help rebuild the horses shelters.

Gray didn’t seem to care that the shelter was blown to bits, he was trotting around in the green grass with the bright sun shining on his beautiful back.  He is a beautiful boy and is now an E-Adoptee thanks to Betsy W.  She adopted him into her family, but it was not a good match, so he has come to live at the shelter with the other E-Adoptee’s.

Shadow and Parcy didn’t care about the devastation either.  They are just happy to lay in the sun without a care in the world.  They know the humans will get their act together and get the place in tip-top shape soon.

After the critters were taken care of, and a horrible discovery was made at the shelter, other chores had to be done, so the rescue rig hit the road.  The last stop before heading back to the shelter was to get more feed.

One by one the bales were loaded and stacked.  Who needs a gym to work out when you can throw hay bales around?

Back at the shelter, the latest horrible discovery was that the well was not working.  Recently times seem so hard: Larry has a heart attack, a tornado rips through the shelter leaving it in shreds, then the well doesn’t work.  What’s next?

So, the well was pulled out of the ground.  Tawnee was thankful that the well is only 100′ deep.

Then Jason got to work hoping against hope that he could figure out how to get it working.

An hour later it was all back together and water was flying out once again.

About this time someone forgot to close the mini pen gate securely and Li’ll Shadow and Dottie found their way out.  With excitement and glee they ran around bucking and kicking, while poor Macho Man, who didn’t find the opening, whinnied with jealousy.  It was definitely the highlight of their week.

Evening started rolling in and things started settling down.  Wof, Dino and Maddie posed for a cute picture.

Tawnee decided that there was time to work with Raven a little while.

Despite Raven’s age, you would never know that she’s in her 20’s.  She acts more like a 6 year old.  She has had a lot of training and needs a family who loves doing stuff on horseback.  Tawnee enjoyed watching the sunset off of the horseback, it’s been awhile since she got to do that.

Long after the sun set it was discovered that Hershy, who is pregnant with an unknown due-date, started dripping milk.  That is a sign of being very close to her delivery.  Before the storm ripped apart everything we had a nice 12×24 stall ready for her to give birth in.  But now the barn is shredded and we had to make other arrangements for the evening.  We are going to keep our fingers crossed.  April and Larry are going to keep checking her through the night, there might just be a surprise in the morning!

Please remember the work bee Sunday from 10:00 – 3:00.  Bring your sack lunches and blankets for a picnic.

Many thanks to Pamela N., Jason P., Gail G., Marie B., Peggy L., Erin K., Ruthann C., Carolyn H., Jean V., Barbara B., Misty P., Kristin N., Joni M., Tracy C., Sarah E., Elizabeth N., Anita M., Martin O., Faryn K., Carolyn L., Lynn E., Linda K., Inger P., Anne G., James G., Betsy W. and Janice O. for their extremely generous donations.  We can’t rebuild without you!

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