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We don’t really know where to begin.  With great sadness we must let you know that the last storm destroyed 6 shelters and severely damaged the 5 stall barn.  The neighbor reported seeing a tornado come through.  As you can imagine, this is extremely disheartening.  All of our hard work building the shelters is now in shreds.  But, we will rebuild with your help. Thankfully no animals were hurt in the storm, which is nothing short of a miracle.

Channel 12 came out on Monday and did a news story on the worst destruction they had seen from the storm.  Click here to watch the video.

As you can see, the 5 stall barn is literally in pieces.  One of the huge roofing panels was ripped off, flew about 150′ and broke part of the fencing.  One of the neighbors actually watched it fly through the air when the tornado came through.  What is still attached is mangled and bent in so many directions.

The pasture shelter roofs were ripped right down the screw lines.  The roofing screws held, but the metal itself ripped like paper in the tornado.

Standing at the shelter it is bewildering looking at the devastation.

Some of the pasture shelters have every piece of roofing sucked right off of them.  All the rest are in terrible shredded pieces.

We really appreciate Channel 12 coming out and doing a story.  This storm did a minimum of $12,000 worth of damage in just a few seconds.  As they talked about in the news report, we are having a work bee for any and all volunteers from 10:00 to 3:00 this Sunday.  We are inviting the community, and any of you who may want to come out from a little farther away, to come out and help the horses get their shelters back.  To read the Channel 12 story, click here.

On our website home page we have posted this most urgent need.  We must have shelters for the animals in our care, and desperately need your support.  Click here to visit our website or go to www.HorseHumane.org.

We are hoping that anyone that has a website or blog will post some simple code, found at the bottom of this blog, into it to raise awareness and help raise donations.  It’s really simple and will help a lot!  ChipIn goes directly to Paypal where the funds come directly to us immediately, but ChipIn also keeps track automatically and makes the thermometer go up in real time.

Please, if you can, donate to help rebuild the shelters.  Every dollar will help, it will be built much stronger next time.  The good news is, all of the little critter shelters are completely undamaged by the wind.  We can build the big critter pens just as strong, but it takes 2 things: willing hands and money.  Please do what you can to help rebuild our shelter.  Click here.

Since the shelter was shredded to pieces, all of our hearts have been heavy, but we know we can count on you for your support in rebuilding.  The horses and other animals at the shelter are depending on us to keep them safe, and in turn, we are depending on your support to make this possible.  Please help.

To put a ChipIn widget in your, copy and paste the following code into your website where you would like the widget to appear.

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