We have some exciting news, Hershey’s baby arrived!  We have a new fundraiser underway, it’s called “Name the Baby.”  Hershey’s baby is doing absolutely wonderful, but she doesn’t have a name yet.  We have an Ebay auction fundraiser, and the winner gets to name the baby.  For more information, click here.

Now we’ll tell you baby’s story.  Tuesday night was a long night for Hershey and the staff.  April and Larry kept a close eye on Hershy…

…but by morning there was still no baby, which was a relief as with the shelter blown to bits we really wanted to get her to the vet.

Now was our opportunity.  Amee led Hershey to the trailer.

Down the road they went, Tawnee hoped in the back of her mind that Hershey would not have the baby on the way.

At the vet only 1 horse was in the trailer.

Hershey’s belly was so big!

Dr Weaver got acquainted with Hershey by sharing cookies with her.  Hershey decided this lady was really nice.

After the introduction Dr Weaver got busy getting a sample of milk for the foal predictor kit.

After the sample was collected and processed the strips showed that Hershey was very close.  Maybe that night, or perhaps the next, but not long at all.

Hershey was put into a nice stall and probably wondered why she was there.

Throughout the day Hershey had quiet visitors peeking around the corner to see if there was any sign of a baby coming out yet.

By evening time there was still no baby.

The sun set.  Everyone wondered what would happen in that barn over the night.

About 10:00 pm Hershey’s precious baby girl arrived.  The vet staff arrived while the baby still had the birth sack half over her, perfect timing.

Dr Weaver was there and made sure that the little filly was able to get up and nurse.

She has a cute little star on her forehead, very similar to her mommy’s.

We are so thankful that this precious little baby was not born during the tornado.  That would have been a nightmare!

Now that you have fallen in love with her, you have a chance to pick her name.  Just click here! We’ll be sending out a special email you can send to your friends and family to let them know they can help name the baby horse.

Remember we are having a work bee this Sunday from 10:00  to 3:00.  Tools that would be good to bring are: ditch digging tools, gloves, bit drivers, cordless drills, metal cutoff tools, shovels, rakes, deep socket drivers, yourself, friends and a picnic lunch.  Come to our shelter at 86 Four Junes Way, Oroville and help us start the rebuilding process.

We have some other great news  – We are over 1/4 of the way to reaching our goal for rebuilding the shelter!  We have had someone step forward and offer to do a $2,500 matching donation dollar for dollar once we reach $5,000.  If we can raise $5,000, then every dollar donated beyond that is matched dollar for dollar until we reach $10,000.  Let’s get to $5000 so we can start taking advantage of the $2,500 that is waiting to be matched!  Click here.

Many thanks to: Pamela N., Wendy S., Trudi R., Karen H., Natalie K., Kellye B., Laurie D., Jean S., Carla G., Amy Y., Norma C., Brooke P., Susan T., Erik W., Heidi J., Scott M., Janet D., Stacie P., Sondra W., Stephanie D., Francine L., Robin W., Jennifer C., Randy K.  They all donated so generously!

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