The Name the Baby Horse fundraiser is well underway with only a couple days away and a lot of bids!  It has had 23 bids and you won’t believe what it’s at, you have to check it out! It’s not to late to cast your bid for your chance to name Hershey’s baby, click here.

We are a few days behind on the daily blog, we apologize about that.  Sunday was an awesome success, about 40 people showed up to help out and we will blog about that soon .  For now, enjoy the happenings of last Thursday.

Tawnee was so excited to be headed to the vet, she just couldn’t wait to see Hershey’s new baby girl.  The road never seemed to go by so slowly.

Finally there she was, what an adorable little girl, healthy, energetic and in constant search of that next meal, when it wasn’t nap time.

Tawnee did a quick Qik video stream of her as she massaged her back.  It was cute and you could tell she really enjoyed it.  Click here to watch the video.

After she was satisfied with her mommy’s warm milk, and she was tired of exploring the stall, it was nap time.  Tawnee had other things to do too.

Two horses were being surrendered at our SAFE Surrender Site. The owner was really sad to see them go, but circumstances made it where she could no longer keep her beloved friends.

Meet Outlaw, he is a mustang youngster who was orphaned at a very young age and was hand raised.  That led to some behavior problems, and he needs someone that is experienced so he can learn not to walk over people and to respect personal space.

It was really hard for her to give up this beautiful mare who she had adopted from us last year.  She had hoped to keep her forever.  It is always so hard when peoples lives change and they have to say “Goodbye” to the animals they love.

Tawnee hit the road as she had a pick-up to do.  It was nice looking off the bridge and seeing Lake Oroville almost full, maybe there is some hope that the drought has ended.

Up into the mountains Tawnee went.  Tawnee mused about when she doing evacuations of horses in 2008 from the wildfires.  The devastation can still be seen, today and for many more years to come.

She finally arrived to pickup Sola.  Her owner was completely devastated to have to give her up.  She is going through a divorce, is moving and is unable to keep her lovely mare.  It broke her heart to give her up, but she knew it was the right thing to do.

Sola was familiar with the truck and trailer as a few months back Sola had a small injury where she had to be taken to the vet, and Tawnee transported her there.  This time she was loading up in the trailer and wasn’t going to be going back home.

She hopped into the trailer like a good girl, this time we’re glad we couldn’t tell her what was happening.  The weather is finally getting warm enough to get baths, there’s a lot of horses that need them!  Of for that heated indoor horse spa.

Then it was time to head back down the mountain with the precious passenger.

Back at the vet, Tawnee peeked in on Hershey’s baby, she was just waking up from her nap.

She got up and stretched, it was so adorable!

Finally the horses that were waiting for their ride to the shelter were loaded up and everyone headed off.

A quick stop at the Post Office found a very cute envelope with a donation to help rebuild the shelter.  On the back was a drawing of a tornado with a big red line through it.  No more tornadoes!

At the shelter the new horses were getting settled in.

Outlaw sure is a cute boy, someone please step forward and give this boy the time and training he needs.

We had an extra bonus at the end of the day as 15 bales of yummy grass hay were donated.  Thank you!

Finally a very busy Thursday came to a spectacular end.

A huge “Thank you!” again to all those that donate of their time and money to keep the shelter going!  We can’t do it without to, to help out, click here.

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