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Early Friday morning, at 4:00 am, Larry and April got the rig ready to go.  They were going to be taking Tacoma to his home, and some other horses were being surrendered.

Everything was ready to go, and then it was noticed that only 1 light was working on the trailer.

They worked at it and it finally got working again.  At 4 in the morning you are hoping that things go smoothly.  This was Larry’s first outing after his heart attack, and we were all hoping it would be a pleasant trip.  Everything got working and they started driving long before light.

After a lot of driving the sun finally came up, which found Larry, April and some volunteers miles and miles from the shelter.

After many hours, the road got smaller as they got closer to their destination.

Tacoma was wondering where he was going.  Some of the things started looking familiar to him, what could be happening?

Tacoma was unloaded and he was surprised to see that he was back at his old home.

His mommy, who was forced to surrender him due to financial issues, had a remarkable turnaround in her life and was able to adopt her old boy.  She was so excited and so are we!

Tacoma was led into his old familiar stall.  He just couldn’t believe his good luck.

After saying “Goodbye and congratulations” to Tacoma and his mommy, Larry and April were on the road once more.

Soon they were at the pickup location where 3 horses were being surrendered.

Meet Charlie!  We don’t have any information on him yet, but we will soon.

This lovely horse is named Presly.  Once again, we don’t have a lot of information on Presly right now.

Pepper is an elderly girl who has a lot of arthritis that is hard to manage.

One by one they loaded into the trailer like true champs.

After everyone was safely tucked into the trailer the long drive back to the shelter began.  Everyone made it safely and were so happy to get out and stretch their legs.

Sunday’s blog with the work bee and everything will be in the next post!

Many thanks to: Jennifer C., Randy K., Betsy S., Cindy M., Francesca C., Dolores G., Sandy Y., Jeff K.  They are all horses heroes!

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