Sunday morning the sun peeked up from over the hill and everyone knew that it was going to be a very busy day.

Jason and Tawnee took a quick peek at Hershey and her baby.  They were doing great and the baby was so curious and full of life.

Out at the shelter the volunteers were showing up.  On Facebook we asked how many volunteers people thought would show up.  Someone guessed about 15, but at the end of the day there were about 40 people working their hearts out.  Amazing!

There was so much cleanup that had to be done.  The stallion pen had to be untangled from itself.  The panels are still fine, but what a mess to clean up.  When it fell it did damage some of the panels on the neighboring pen.

The roofing on the mare motel, what the wind was nice enough to leave up, had to be removed so it can all be repaired.

One of the volunteers who drove many hours to be there said it was so neat actually being at the shelter.  He said it was like the blog came to life.  Now not only can Adam read the blog, he can be in it!

Contractor Ray and his wife came out to help too.  His wife said he brought all the tools he could.

His wife Kimberly was right, his truck was jam packed full of just about every kind of tool.

Good thing too, just look at that devastation that had to be cleaned up!

The volunteers split into groups, each group doing a special job.   We are so thankful for each and every person who showed up and did what they could.  Many hands made quick work, everything got cleaned up and is ready to be rebuilt.  We would like to thank the two contractors, Mark and Ray, who gave their expertise in the rebuilding process.

We had a horse surrendered at the shelter too.  She is a cute little Haflinger, before Wof we never had a purebred Haflinger at the shelter, and now within a  short time we have had two.

This beautiful girl is 21 years old and has arthritis in both her front knees.  We will be evaluating her for quality of life with our vet.  We are hoping that she will be able to go to a sanctuary and spend her days frolicking in the sun if her condition can be made manageable.

Despite everything going on, we had adopters coming to see horses!  Teela had a potential adopter visiting her.  They really fell in love with her and put her in adopting pending.

Sola had a potential adopter looking at her too.  They fell in love and Sola was placed in adoption pending too.

And to top it all off, Wof was adopted by his new mom who drove many hours to come down, volunteer, and adopt him.  Transportation arrangements will be made as soon as it’s not so muddy at her home.  Wof will have a great home!

Now we have some very exciting news.  After assessing the damage and the cost to rebuild, we got the exciting news that it will take about $6,500 to rebuild instead of the originally expected $12,000.  Thankfully the mare motel is able to be saved, which in itself would have been about $6,000 to replace.  The shelter roofing is destroyed, but the poles and purlins were not damaged.  We are so thankful that the mare motel is saveable!  What a huge blessing!  We are now over 50% towards the rebuilding, to help out, click here.

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