Thanks to all 58 people who have contributed, we are now at 60% of the way to finish rebuilding the shelter!  There is only $2,594 left to go to get it all rebuilt.  As soon as we make it to $4,000, the matching donation of $2,500 will step in and it will be finished!  Just $94 left to go, we can do this! To help out, click here.

We had a desperate horse owner leave a message that if we couldn’t take this horse she would be letting her loose.  She had no other options.  By the time we got the message, we called her and she was already on her way.  This mare arrived long after dark, so this picture was taken in the daylight.  She is suffering from severe ringbone.  Our vet will be evaluating her for quality of life.

Sunday morning was bright and sunny.  Shadow posed for an incredibly adorable shot.

We had two of our little roosters get adopted.  The little boy was so excited, he couldn’t believe how friendly they are.  He is tickled pink with his two new pets.

Teela, who was adopted on Monday with Sola, came back as she is deathly afraid of pigs and the neighbors have pigs.  Thankfully Sola didn’t mind the pigs and is just fine.  Teela was terrorized of them, and was jumping fences and doing anything else she could to get away.  It was really obvious this match was not working.

The guy, who adopted Teela, sister fell in love with Raven.  She wanted to see if they would be a good match.  Tawnee saddled her up and got her helmet on.

The girl was really falling in love with Raven and couldn’t wait for Tawnee to get off so she could ride.

After riding her she knew she just had to have her. Adoption papers were signed and she is heading home.  Let’s just hope she isn’t afraid of pigs!

Big Roo’s old mom came out to visit him.  She brought something special that she knew he would love.

Oatmeal cream pies!  Tawnee was a little skeptical but Big Roo loves cookies and gobbled them up.  The other roosters aren’t sure about the gooey cream but Big Roo absolutely loved it.

Mr T heard that his home was getting an upgrade.

A great group of volunteers got to work.  Mr T watched on to see what was happening.

Soon there was a sprinkler that can water his pen.  It will keep nice green grass growing year round in the goat pen.

Off and on throughout the day we had visitors coming out to meet the horses.  We are hoping to have more adoptions in the coming days.

There are a lot of items on the eBay Giving Works page, including this gorgeous saddle  To see all the items that benefit us on Ebay, click here.

Many thanks to Stephanie J., Glennis R., Cristi S., Nancy K., Cindy R., Carla G., Judy C., Dena L., James G., Roberta A., Serena D., Brian H., Annie W., Jenette S., Suzanne A., Peg G., Teresa L., Gail G., Kay L., Joni M., Omar S., Yvonne W., Lance A., Show Dressed Up, Sea Horse Training, Cindy M., Select Enterprises, Marilyn R., Janice W., Laura C., Sara H., Tracy C., Anonymous, Cristi S., Jennifer L., Denise S., Courtney D., Danielle C., Stephanie D., Claudia S., Donna A., William E.  They all donated to help save horses and rebuild the shelter!  You can see your name here, just click.

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