17 – 20 Horses Being Surrendered – We Need Your Help!

Lassen County Animal Control is assisting in the surrender of about 20 mostly untrained horses and mules who are in desperate need of help. We will be traveling hundreds of miles with multiple trailers on Thursday, April 14th to pick up these sad horses that so desperately need our help.

There will be immediate medical bills, geldings, and more. Some of the horses have good weight, and someone was trying to convince the owner to give them the horses so they could take them to the Fallon Livestock Auction because people there would “buy them as pets.” Maybe their byproduct would be pet food, but there are no way that 20 untrained horses would go for anything but slaughter at the Fallon Livestock Auction. These horses have been through a lot as they were part of a huge Animal Control case several years ago. After about 10 horses were impounded, the owner hid the rest of their horses at an unexepecting home, where now they are in need of rescuing as the home is over their heads with them.

Below are pictures of some of the horses and the information we have so far.

There are several mature stallions, this one has been running with some of the mares.

These mules have been put through a lot.  They were chased down and roped as youngsters, halters put on and long 20′ ropes left to drag along.  The idea was they could drive a vehicle out in the pasture, chase them down, and drive over the rope to catch them.  Nothing really happened after the halters were put on as far as human contact.  The halters literally rotted off their faces Animal Control said.

Many of the mares may be pregnant.

We believe this one is blind in one eye.

Some of the horses, and the mules, are Curly’s and have the distinct hair.  We’ve never had a Curly mule before!

It is said that they have become used to people enough where you can get near them and walk around.  Just nothing beyond that.

This is yet another Curly!

It would be terrible seeing these horses and mules standing in a feedlot waiting to ship to slaughter.  We have to keep this from happening, but we can only do that with your support.

This mule is said to be friendly but she has a huge tumor growing on the side of her face, pointed out by the arrow.  She will need immediate medical attention.  It is hard for her to eat.

Most of the horses are in good weight, which is very concerning with the very real possibility of going to slaughter if we do not help them, but there are some that are not doing so well.

This one may be pregnant or infested with worms.

There are youngsters too, hoping for a bright future.  Will you make this possible?

Please remember these horses, we are stepping out in faith that the funds will come in to help them.  There are hundreds of miles to be driven to save them, medical bills and of course feed.  We can’t do it without you!

We are extremely greatful to Jennifer G. who has donated $1,000 to kick this off.  We need a total of $4,000 for their initial rescue and care.  We have a Chipin thermometer set up, unfortunately Chipin will not allow us to manually add donations that come in by check.  There is only $3,000 left to go with Jennifer G.’s very generous donation.

Please donate now! Click here.

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