We have released a video of the rescue from last Thursday of all the horses, ponies and mules that we would like to share with you.  We would, once again, like to thank each and every one of you that made this rescue possible.  Their future was grim, but thanks to your financial support, their lives are safe from the horrors of abuse, neglect, abandonment, slaughter, or worse…  To watch the video, click the picture below or click here.

40 people have contributed towards the goal of raising a $3,000, which when combined with Jennifer G.’s generous donation of $1,000, reaches our need of $4,000 for the rescue of the horses, ponies and mules.  We still need $675! Please help if you can!  Just click the picture below or click here to go to our donate page.  Sadly, Chipin won’t allow us to extend the ending date, but we will reflect the totals on the blog and Facebook.

Again, thank you!

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