Important notice: We will be closed Easter Sunday.

We apologize for the infrequency of the blog, our phone system is down and we are having a hard time keeping up with the communications.  Hopefully in the beginning of May everything will go back to normal.  The phone calls are mounting up, please bare with us, we will get to you as soon as we can.  If you have a horse you need to surrender, bare in mind that you can take it to our SAFE Surrender Site at Look Ahead Vet, 1451 Clark Rd, Oroville CA with the $150 surrender fee anytime during their business hours.  Give them a call ahead of time, 530-534-0722.

We would like you to meet all of the equines that were rescued last week.   They are also up on Adopt-A-Pet and Petfinder, so hopefully they will find homes soon!  The mares are likely pregnant, with 3 stallions and wild Jacks hovering around the property, anything is possible.

Austin is a little mule.

Autumn is an older Curly mare, she is blind in her right eye.

Pebble is a very cute Curly mare.

Feather is a very flashy, 4-6 year old mare.

Roxy is a cute mule.

Sierra is a halter trained mule, friendly but a little shy at first.

Braveheart is a thin older horse who was surrendered for euthanasia.  He was euthanized the following day to relieve his pain.

Dolly is an older Appaloosa mare, probably in her 20’s.

Pixie is a very cute, but bedraggled paint mare, around 4-6 years old.  She is stunted from being malnourished.  She is about 13 hands.

Dreamer is a skinny bedraggled Curly mare.  She has suffered from rain rot but the worst of it is over.

Breeze is Dreamers friend and is a Curly mare.  Her large belly makes us wonder if she is pregnant, or if she has a lot of parasites.

Alfie is a cute pony, halter trained.

Bonkers is a mature stallion who was diagnosed with cancer and was humanely euthanized.

Banjo is a really cute horse with a great personality.  He is about 7-8 years old.

Fire is the dangerous stallion seen in the video jumping through panels at people.  He had to be humanely euthanized for his safety and the safety of people and animals around him.  The person he kicked has a broken hand, floating bone chip and muscle damage.  You can see a picture of her poor swollen hand by clicking here.

Dottes is a 7-8 year old Appaloosa mare, halter trained.

Noelly is a horse that was surrendered for euthanasia.

Blaze is one of the horses that was surrendered for euthanasia.  This poor girl had so many problems with her legs.

Wendy is a Curly mule.

Hope is the mule with the growth on her gums, between her teeth and her lip.  We are hoping that the vet can fix her up as good as new.

Gizmo is a little pony, he is very leery about people and needs someone who can give him lots of love and tlc.

It was nice to finally have all the equines at the vet where they could be evaluated.

Little Waif was still at the vet office being cared for on Friday the 15th.

She was so happy to see Tawnee!

Alfie acts like a stallion, so we figured he was and it was scheduled for him to be gelded.

After he was sedated it was found that he is either a cryptorchid or proud cut, they didn’t know which for sure.

They took advantage of the sedation and took care of those terribly long hooves.

It wasn’t long and Alfie was waking up from his sedation and enjoying the nice yummy grass.  He is so cute and is about 10-15 years old.

In the vet office Little Waif was given another x-ray and to everyones great joy it was found that she was not shot, but had eaten something that had been shot.  Most of the shotgun pellets were out of her system, but there are a couple stuck in there which may or may not work themselves out over the coming years.  Whatever the case they won’t cause her any trouble.

Little Waif was excited, something was happening, she was going somewhere.  She had gained about 2 pounds over the last few days and was doing great.

The weekend passed by, the shelter was closed on Sunday due to the forcasted rain.  A new week was starting and now Tawnee was on her way to… to be continued.

Have a very happy Easter everyone!

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