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Little Waif was on her way to the vet for another checkup.  She is gaining weight and her giant sores were healing very nicely the vet said.  Little Waif definitely enjoys going everywhere with Tawnee.

The horses from Susanville were all wide-eyed and wondering what was on the schedule for the day.

The three mules, Austin, Roxy and Wendy, were going to be heading to Home at Last Sanctuary.  They were all very attached to each other, and they had been through so much together, it was best not to break their bond.  They would be spending the rest of their life at the sanctuary together.  It was time to load them up.

As if they knew they were going to be staying together they hopped into the trailer with no fuss.

The others left behind at the vet looked on with wonder, where were they going?

Tawnee hit the road and headed up to the hills.

Soon they were at Home at Last.  Roxy had gotten a worried on the trip and was a little sweaty, but soon her nerves would be calm.

It was time for them to unload.  One by one they came piling out safely.

Tawnee couldn’t spend to much time at Home at Last this time, but Jim wanted to show her one of the drop calves that was rescued awhile ago thanks to Jennifer G’s support.

Austin, Roxy and Wendy settled in nicely and watched the trailer drive away.

Little Waif really enjoyed the trip up to Home at Last.  She is turning out to be such a happy sociable dog.  It was hard to think that she would ever warm up as she was so feral acting when she was rescued.

Heading back to the vet.  There is always lots of driving in the animal rescue world.

At the vet Banjo was on the schedule to be gelded.  He is such a beautiful boy.

Banjo ate his grain, clueless about what would be happening next.

Soon he felt very wobbly and was seeing floating lime green carrots or something as the sedation took affect.

After the wobbly walk to the gelding area, he stood there as the world got fuzzy.

Soon Doctor’s Weaver and Brown were hard at work making Banjo’s future a bright one.

After the gelding process was done, they took advantage of the sedation and got his long hooves trimmed up.

Then Banjo slept until the sedation wore off.

He woke up and found himself walking back to the barn.  What had happened?  He wasn’t quite sure.

Back in the stall Banjo was given antibiotics and painkiller to make his night more comfortable.

The next day, Tawnee was hooking up the big trailer as today the horses would be moving from the vet office.

Alfie was getting a blood test done that would determine if he was a cryptorchid.

Presley has been hanging out at the vet waiting to be checked out for navicular.  With so many emergencies and horses at the vet, he has just been hanging out enjoying his vacation, waiting his turn.

 It was time to load up all the horses.  Pixie wondered what was happening and where they were going.

Soon all the horses were heading towards the open chute.  They where going somewhere.

They liked the vet and weren’t too keen on loading, but after a little bit they decided to go on another trailer ride.  They all hoped this time it wouldn’t be so long.

They looked out the windows with wonder.

Hope had to be left as she still has to be checked out and hopefully have the growth by her lip removed.  She wasn’t very happy being left alone, but soon settled down.

Down the road everyone went.  Dolly was enjoying the trip and her daughter couldn’t help but stare out the window at all the scenes going by.

There was a lot to see.

Finally they arrived.  Pixie looked with wonder, there was a lot of beautiful green grass.

They were all to happy to unload into what seemed like heaven to them.  Our biggest gainer horse camp.

One after another they came out into a beautiful pasture where they just couldn’t believe their eyes.  So much green everywhere!

The horses at the shelter posed for a quick snapshot as the sun slipped down behind the hills.

Please remember our gelding program, we still have people asking about getting gelding certificates, sadly there are no funds left in the program to issue any more certificates.  To help out, click here.

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