May’s Euthanasia Clinic is right around the corner, May 18th, and it needs your help.  Every month we hold the free Euthanasia Clinic for horse owners who have come to the decision that their beloved friend needs to pass on, but are unable to afford it due to the economy.  With your help, we can provide loving end of life services.  Each horse that comes to the clinic is screened for adoptability by our vet and staff.  To donate, click here.

Meet Cathy Fonseca, the newest member of our staff!  As we talked about in our last blog, Cathy will be replying to phone calls and doing fundraising (booths, etc.)  She will be available to answer the phone Monday through Friday, 8:00 – 5:00 most of the time.  If not, leave a message and she’ll get back to you as soon as she can.

Phoenix was hanging out posing for pictures when Jason was at the shelter taking care of things.  He is such a beautiful boy.  It is hard to believe that…

…when he came to us he was the worst case of emaciation we, and the multiple attending vets, had ever see.  You can see clips of him when he was rescued in the trailer for Equine Destiny by clicking here.

These days the starving days are long behind him.  He is such a happy boy.  It is amazing the forgiveness that animals show towards humans.

Parcy says that he believes winter is over.  He says summer is right around the corner, no more cold rainy days.  He definitely enjoys hanging out in the sun enjoying his sleek shiny summer coat.

Sorry for the bad news Parcy, but this Sunday it is supposed to be raining on you.  Due to the weather forecast, and that it is Mother’s Day, the shelter will be closed.

Benkey was worried when he came back to the shelter he would be there a long time like last time.  While he likes being at the shelter, he prefers being in a home where he gets lots of one on one attention. A women walked into his pen and his hopes grew quickly.  She was very nice and he really liked her.

To both their great joys she put Benkey into adoption pending and is now excitedly waiting for her adoption application to be done.  Way to go Benkey!  Oh, and no, she does not own any goats and will not be adopting any.

Kubota also had a visitor come out…

…the volunteer BLM brand inspector.  She is working on getting the BLM papers to us, Kubota didn’t come with her papers, so we can get her adopted into a great home.

Many of you have realized that we are not in this seasons Animal Rescue Site shelter challenge.  We appreciate all your votes in the past, and would have been in this challenge, other than we use Adopt a Pet and our Petfinder account expired as we didn’t log in every 30 days.  Our Petfinder account was inactive when the voting started, so that is why we are not in there this time around.  But, we will be next time as our Petfinder account is up and active and we’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again.  In the meantime, we would like to ask you, in lieu of voting for us, that you vote for either your 2nd favorite shelter, or Butte Humane Society located in Chico CA.  They don’t shelter large animals, but have lots of dogs and cats that desperately need homes.

Many thanks to Annie W., Betsy W., Jenette S., Tandi C., Teresa L., Suzanne A., and Joni M. for their very generous donations.  We really appreciate your support!

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