The May Free Euthanasia Clinic is right around the corner (9 days away) and it needs your help.  There are a lot of desperate horse owners out there, and a lot of horses heading to Mexico who’s owners thought they had no other options.  You can make that option possible for elderly horses, or horses with severe medical problems, to have the last gift of kindness.  To help out, visit our homepage or click here to give the gift of love.

Friday Cathy came to the shelter to meet horses and get acquainted.  Cathy will be updating Adopt a Pet and Petfinder and she needs to know each horse so she can write their information and be able to talk to people about them on the phone.

Updated adoption photos were taken as well.  Banjo is doing really great and is starting to gain weight and fill out.  His coat is getting shiny and he is such a gorgeous boy.

The roosters posed for their adoption photos too, hoping that someday someone will want an old fashioned alarm clock.

After Cathy was done getting all the information she needed from the shelter she headed to the Dollar Store to try and find some donation cans.  She had been looking on the internet, and they are all pretty pricey.  There had to be a cheap way to get a lot of donation cans where they can be spread out and collect change.

Cathy saw these Fresh Step litter box wipes and thought they were just the right size.

Soon the cart was full, and other customers probably looked at Cathy and thought “Wow, she must really like those things and is probably a crazy cat lady with 100 cats at home or something…”

But, Cathy still needed more donation cans. After searching around and talking to the store manager, they found some Orange Wipes that would work as donation cans just fine too.  We would like to thank the store manager for making a $20 donation from his own pocket.  Soon the cart was overloaded with little box wipes and orange wipes.

After a little makeover, the wipes were taken out and labels were printed out and the donation cans look awesome.  If you see one of these, stuff money inside please!  The front side has “Donate now to change a life” and on the backside is a note to remind cashiers to ask people to donate.  It says “Cashier – Please remind people to donate and help save a horses life.”

We were closed Sunday as it was Mothers Day and the forcast said rain (which didn’t come until Sunday evening) but we still wanted to give everyone a nice Mother’s Day, but plans changed for a couple dedicated staff and volunteers as a horse needed to be surrendered.  We would like you to meet Lady Bug.

Monday morning she was settled in and looking so fine.  She is a very beautiful 14 year old Paint mare who is trained to ride and is really a gorgeous horse.  She does have slight navicular but it is under control and with her shoing program she should be just fine.

Phoenix found himself at the vet.  He was quite amazed as he had spent quite a long time there during his rehab.  He had a lot of memories as he looked out of his old stall.

The first time Phoenix was in this stall was 2 years ago when he looked like this.  He was so emaciated and almost completely bald from lack of nutrition.  To read the blog from that day, click here.

He was so skinny even his face looked emaciated.  It looked like a skull with shrink wrapped skin around it.  He was a walking skeleton.

But, those days are long behind him and he just had to lay down in the shavings and bask in the memory of those long ago days, knowing that they will never come again.

Gizmo was scheduled to get his feet done.

He had to be sedated as he is a little wild, but his hooves definitely needed help.

They were pretty long.  Not the longest we’ve seen by far, but still pretty long.

The farriers got to work getting him all fixed up.

There was a lot of little pony hoof shavings all over the ground as his little hooves were found.

Soon it was all over, but Gizmo was still really sleepy from the who ordeal, but…

He actually had little hooves that looked like pony hooves instead of flippers.

Presley has been waiting at the vet to be evaluated and finally his day came.  He is very lame in both front hooves and we needed to see if there was something that could be done to relieve his pain.

Presley was given a nerve block to find out if there was a medical procedure that would be able to help him.

After both of his legs were blocked, he trotted around freely and without pain, you could see it in his face, a look of “Wow, it doesn’t hurt to walk!”  He must have felt like he was floating on air.  He even tried out cantering on his own and just had a look of peace over his whole body.

The vet told us that at his age, being he is a young horse, she would not recommend the surgery, but would recommend an injection.  She cannot guarantee that it would work, but believes that a special injection would relieve his pain for 3 months to a year.

We would like to proceed and help Presley get this special injection that would allow him to be pain free and enjoy life to the fullest, but we need you help.  Upon adoption, Presley’s new home would continue providing this injection on an as-needed basis, but for now Presley is counting on you to relieve his pain.  Presley needs $350 ($175 a leg) to be pain free, help him out!  Click here or the button below.

Phoenix was at the vet because his arthritis has been causing him some problems and we wanted to get him started on Adequan to help him feel better.  Phoenix has a lifetime sponsor so we would like to thank his sponsors for making this possible.

Phoenix was happy to be leaving the vet again, he loves the vet but loves his buddies better.

Alfie, the little pony that was tested and found to be a cryptorchid of the worst kind, was also going to the shelter.  Surgery would cost over $2,500 and is not possible for us to do.

Gizmo loaded up with his buddy and soon they were off.

On the way back to the shelter they passed a car wreck that just happened.  Thankfully they were not first on the scene and there were lots of people there to help.  It didn’t look like anyone had gotten severely hurt either thankfully.

At the shelter Alfie was more than happy to get out of the trailer.  He was so excited to see all the girls at the shelter, but for sure he was not going to be visiting them.

Gizmo jumped out of the trailer all happy to explore his new surroundings.

Soon they were both in their very own pen checking everything out.  We do not adopt stallions out, but in this case we are going to try and find Alfie and Gizmo a home together as if the adopter is willing to pay the surgery costs.  However, if we cannot find a home for them within 1 week, Home at Last Sanctuary has agreed to give them a lifetime retirement.

As the sun was setting Lady Bug wanted to give everyone a kiss goodnight.

Many thanks to Annette D., Stashing Vintage, Lance A., Select Enterprises, Cindy M., Yvonne W., Show Dressed Up, Marilyn R., Stephanie E., Laura C., Sara H. and Tracy C. for their very generous donations!

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