America’s horses are under attack once again!

First BLM said there is not enough food for the horses and they were starving.  It was found not to be true, the wild horses and burros were doing just fine as seen by their healthy condition when they were rounded up.

Now Nevada has decided to try a new angle.  “Wild horses and burros are not wildlife, thus they are not entitled to water.”  What are they thinking?  All living things require water!  It was proven that horses have been in north America long before they were brought over by Europeans.  Horses are native wildlife to America.  Now Nevada is trying to make them thirst to death.  If this law passes BLM will swoop in and say “There is no water for these horses, they have to go.”  Go where?  Holding pens and likely off to slaughter.

There is a great news story online, you can watch it by clicking here.

You can help!  There is an online petition that could use your signature.  You can visit it by clicking here.

More importantly, though, is picking up the phone and actually making the calls.  These are the people that need a call.  Even if you do not live in Nevada, they are America’s horses and thus are part of your living heritage.

Nevada Governor: Brian Sandoval – (775) 684-5670
Nevada Senator: Mark Manendo – (775) 684-6503
Nevada Senator: David Parks – (775) 684-6504
Nevada Senator: John Jay Lee – (775) 684-1424
Nevada Senator: Dean Rhoads – (775) 684-1447
Nevada Senator: Michael Roberson – (775) 684-1481

Please get the word out and let’s flood their offices with phone calls.  Make them regret they ever even considered such a foolish plan.

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