It is amazing how many Sunday’s it has been forcasted to rain.  Once again, it is scheduled to rain on Sunday, so the shelter will be closed for visitors and volunteers.  Eventually, summer will be here and the threat of rain will be banished until next winter.  Keep it under your hat, but we are hoping that starting June 1st we will have regular visiting hours during the week.  More details coming soon!

The May Euthanasia Clinic is on the 18th, and it needs your help!  We are currently at $110 so far and could really use your help.  It costs us $125 to give a horse the last act of kindness.  Please help out, click here.

We asked the guy that would bring us horses from the slaughter staging area if he could try to bring a few more horses up.  He said he would try.  He was able to get this poor mare who is completely blind and worthless in the industry, even though she fleshy, the kb’s don’t want to get caught hauling a blind horse to slaughter, and they can’t cross the border with a blind horse.

Meet Pippy, a beautiful 8-10 year old mare.  After Pippy came to us, the guy said that the staging area has decided to no longer send horses to welfare groups period.  The heat is on them now they say they will just shoot the horses they can’t ship out rather than dealing with anyone.  It is really sad!  The operator of the staging area would give the horses to our contact and we would pay the transporting to get them.  Now it’s impossible.  Hopefully the heat will get too hot and they will be shut down and thrown in jail.

Pippy is a very sweet horse, she is bewildered in new settings of course, but she settles in quickly.  If you are interested in giving a special needs horse a home, let us know.  She is halter trained and leads nicely.

At our Safe Surrender Site a horse was getting ready to unload out of the trailer.

Meet Jake.  Jake was adopted from us a few years ago, but now due to a new living situation he was no longer able to stay with his owner.  They loved him very much and were very sad to see him go.  To see a video with a description of Jake, click here.

Soon Jake found himself in our trailer heading to the shelter.

Jake posed for an intake photo.  Jake is a beautiful boy and you’d never guess from the looks of him that he is 28 years old.  Jake is trained to ride and is a friendly guy.  Watch the video for more information, click here.

Banjo met a new friend: Alfie.  Banjo enjoyed his new friend and they look so cute together.

No, it’s not someones birthday, but Tawnee made another fundraiser cake.  For those of you who don’t know, one of Tawnee’s hobbies is making vegan cakes.  What was this cake for?

It was cute all decorated, 100% animal and artificial coloring free!  If your curiosity is up, the color is from beet juice.

The cake was headed to a vegan lunch and a donation can was set beside the cake to bring awareness and funds to our organization, all at the same time.  We would like to thank all those that donated and enjoyed the cake, although it didn’t go for what they normally do at events.  Usually Tawnee’s cakes bring in about $100 each for worthy causes, we don’t have the total yet.

Cathy’s fundraising is going great.  So far we now have over 30 2011 sponsors and donation cans are getting set out everywhere.  We would like to thank all the business’ that have put a donation can next to their cash registers.

Friday the 13th a trailer pulled into the shelter.

Shawnee came stepping out to see her new surroundings.

Shawnee was in the round pen settling in.  She watched her beloved master drive slowly away.  She is trained to ride and is good for beginners from what we are told.  She is about 22 years old.

After the trailer left Shawnee decided to get a good roll in.  She got in the sand and rolled and rolled and rolled.  She really enjoyed herself!  You can watch the video by visiting our Facebook page and watching it there.  Watch it and leave a comment!  Click here.

Many thanks to: Anonymous, Jenette S., Margaret B., Sara H., Kristen D., Cristi S., Denise S., Stephanie D., Donna A., Jennifer L., Danielle C., Gail G., William E., Little Red Horse Equine Art., Angela T., Betsy W., David P., Jennifer B., Sondra W., Cornelia D., Marsha H., Chris H. and Pamela N.

We couldn’t do it without you!

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