The May Euthanasia Clinic is just over $300, which provides the funds for 2 free hardship cases.  It still has a long ways to go to reach its goal and the clinic is tomorrow!  The ChipIn thermometer is not accurate as we cannot manually update it, and some donations came in through our regular donation system, not through ChipIn.  Please help out, click here.

The rescue rig was on the road sailing down the nice wide freeway.

As they went on and on, they left the valley and the road got narrower.

Then the pavement stopped and they were driving on gravel, while the road kept getting narrower.

Then it got to be a little path through the woods.  Where was the rescue rig going this time?

They finally arrived at their destination.

There was a horse that was being surrendered named Diablo.  It was pretty sad as his pasture mate’s quality of life was gone and Dr Darling was there to provide end of life services for Diablo’s buddy.  His owner’s couldn’t keep Diablo anymore and didn’t want him to know that his friend was gone so they scheduled us to pick him up the same day.

Before Diablo was loaded the owners had Dr Darling get him up to date on his vaccinations.  We really appreciate that, it really helps out!

Then Diable hopped into the trailer like a pro.

Back down the dirt road they went.

Sailing down the nice highway once again.  You never know when you head up into the mountains what the roads will become.

On another road Phoenix and Napoleon’s barn was floating down the highway on its way to our shelter, which the property is named Phoenix Fields, after Phoenix.  It’s about time his barn came to live with him.

At the shelter Diablo was settling in to his new surroundings.  He is such a pretty boy!

About this time the barn was pulling up to the shelter.

Through the almost too narrow gate.

A little jockeying around and the barn was ready to be unloaded.

Don’t worry, the door didn’t get damaged during the transport.  It wasn’t on very sturdy and was safely stored in the tack room for the trip.  Everyone was very careful as it as jacked and maneuvered off the trailer.

There it sits, a great improvement to the facility!

By this time Diablo was settled in.  He enjoyed watching the barn get unloaded, no doubt wondering “Is that my barn?”  Sorry Diablo, not for you.

Diablo is a 22 year old trained to ride born in captivity Mustang.  He was last ridden in 2003, and he absolutely loves attention.  We are told that he does well with vet care and farrier work.  He is a beautiful boy and will make a great family member, can he join yours?

Diablo is a horse to note as he is 100th rescue this year.  A good start to a great year!

A huge “Thank you!” goes to Carla J., Stephanie E., Kim L., Brooke P., Catherine F. and Emily J.  We couldn’t help horses like Diablo without your help.  To help out, click here.

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