The Shelter will be closed to visitors until June 6th.

As you know, the entire horse community is saddened by the outbreak of Equine Herpesvirus -1 (EHV-1.)  As of this blog, there have been been at least 55 confirmed cases in the United States, mainly centering on California with 18 positive cases.  We all hope and pray that the outbreak will end quickly and that no more lives are lost.

Here’s what we are doing about it.

  • Effective May 17th, the shelter is closed to all animal traffic, both incoming and outgoing, and is closed to visitors.  With the 27 adoptable animals, plus the rehab, long term residents and E-Adopted animals, we are doing everything in our power to ensure they stay safe and healthy.
  • Many horse shows in the US are canceling to reduce the chance for the virus to spread.  We are hoping that the Western States Horse Expo, June 10th-12th in Sacramento CA, will be postponed for the safety of the animals there and for all the horses that attendees will be going home and petting.  It would be dreadful to go to a horse show and take the disease home to your precious horse.  We would like to know what you think and have set up a poll as to whether they should postpone the event or not.  To take the poll, click here or click the picture on the right.  We want to know your opinion!
  • Please remember us during this outbreak.  We have a lot of horses in our shelter, and those horses keep eating and requiring care during the outbreak.  We cannot adopt out or bring in horses until the danger is passed.  Please help pay the daily bills, click here.

On a positive note, we have a new video that we would like to share with you.  Many of you remember the large group of horses that came to us from Lassen County last month.  It is time for their one month update.  Your breath will be taken away to see how well they are doing in only one month.  Watch it right now!

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