Urgent: Horse Slaughter Plant in the United States? Act now!

Urgent: Call TODAY to Prevent Horse Slaughter Plants from Opening!

Dear Reader,

I am asking that you will take a moment out of your day for our American horses. They need you to be their voice once again!  Hundreds of thousands of our American horses were brutally killed in slaughter houses here in the United States before 2007. In 2007 the blood of our horses stopped falling onto American soil, thanks to two bills: H.R.503 and S.1915.  The horribly cruel industry of horse slaughter was over in in the United States finally. Now, we have to fight to keep the horse slaughter houses off of American soil once again. We can not let the blood of our horses flow onto our soil once again! We must band together, make those calls and put a swift end to these horrible plans.
Make the call now! Tell Congress that we don’t want our tax dollars to support the horrible and cruel horse slaughter business in any way!

Thank You!
Tawnee Preisner, co-founder Horse Plus Humane Society

Here’s how to help –

Pick up the phone and make calls.  Please remember to be polite and respectful.  The people answer the phones are not the ones trying to slaughter horses, but are your link to the people who have the power to make it stop.  The more professional we can be, the more effective our message will be.  Please make your call today before 5:00 pm EST.


“Hello, I’m calling to urge Rep.____ to vote in favor of an amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations Bill that will prohibit funding for USDA inspections of horse slaughter plants. American taxpayers cannot afford to subsidize foreign companies that want to open horse slaughter plants on American soil to supply foreign markets and cause extreme pain and suffering for America’s horses in the process. Thank you.”


All numbers: Area Code 202

Harold D. Rogers, KY, 225-4601              C.W. Bill Young, FL, 225-5961

Jerry Lewis, CA, 225-5861                      Frank Wolf, VA, 225-5136

Rodney Frelinghuysen, NJ, 225-5034      Robert B. Aderholt, AL, 225-4876

Ander Crenshaw, FL, 225-2501                Rodney Alexander, LA, 225-8490

Ken Calvert, CA, 225-1986                      Steve LaTourette, OH, 225-5731

Mario Diaz-Balart, FL, 225-4211              Charles Dent, PA, 225-6411

Norm Dicks, WA, 225-5916                     Marcy Kaptur, OH, 225-4146

Pete Visclosky, IN, 225-2461                   Nita Lowey, NY, 225-6506

Jose Serrano, NY, 225-4361                    Rosa DeLauro, CT, 225-3661

Jim Moran, VA, 225-4376                        John Olver, MA, 225-5335

David Price, NC, 225-1784                       Maurice Hinchey, NY, 225-6335

Lucille Roybal-Allard, CA, 225-1766          Sam Farr, CA, 225-2861

Jesse Jackson, IL, 225-0773                   Chaka Fattah, PA, 225-4001

Steve Rothman, NJ, 225-5061                   Barbara Lee, Ca, 225-2661

Adam Schiff, CA, 225-4176                       Betty McCollum, MN, 225-6631


Congress is inching toward making it possible for foreign corporations to re-establish horse slaughter plants on American soil!

Late last week the House Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee approved the FY2012 Agriculture Appropriations Bill. For the first time since 2005, language preventing federal funding for USDA inspections of horse slaughter facilities was not included in the bill, despite strong bipartisan support in Congress. Horse slaughter plants cannot operate in the U.S. without funding to underwrite USDA inspections.

At a time when Congress is dramatically cutting back federal spending and eliminating wasteful federal programs, it is disturbing that some in Congress would allow for the re-establishment of a taxpayer subsidized federal program that existed solely to support foreign owned horse slaughter facilities that inflicted tremendous suffering on American horses.

If you do nothing else today, please take a few moments to call Congress by 5:30 p.m. EST to urge support for an amendment that will de-fund USDA inspectors and prevent horse slaughter plants from re-opening on American soil. America’s horses need you to be their voice!

Thank you!

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