Have you been entered into our free raffle for a trip to Hawaii for 2?  If you haven’t heard about it, click here for the full details.  We now have 38 sponsors, almost to 40!  We will be sending out the raffle numbers to the sponsors after the expo.  We only need 262 more sponsors to get our adoption facility under construction.  Spread the word, we need to get this going.

We know you all have missed the blogs, with the EHV-1 quarantine  (once again, none of our horses had it, but we wanted to be safe none the less) no horses were coming or going and there were no visitors.  We have now temporarily lifted the quarantine with restrictions.  Horses can be visited by their adopters if they are in adoption pending or the adopter is pre-approved. We are also accepting horses to be surrendered at our SAFE Surrender Site at Look Ahead Vet, but we are not accepting horses at our shelter at this time.

Teala was adopted on Sunday!  Her adopter was excitedly waiting to take her home.  They look so happy together!

Wednesday morning Tawnee was on the road.  A horse had been surrendered at the SAFE Surrender Site and she was heading to the vet to check it out.

On the way there she stopped at Staples.  Jason had gone there the day before to get our new posters printed for the Horse Expo.

They were awesome looking and very attractive.  Staples does a great job.  The free raffle to Hawaii poster makes you want to sit out on the beach.

The other posters highlight some of our programs including the SAFE Surrender Sites.

From Staples Tawnee thought it would be an uneventful trip to the vet.  Then she saw a animal in the distance beside the road limping along.

She knew she had to investigate.  This poor dog was very leery and was dragging its front right leg on the ground.  It must have been hit by a car or something.

Tawnee followed the dog with her emergency blinkers on while it went through traffic, past pedestrians who just looked at him oddly and just kept going.  The dog finally got to a hotel where another person joined the pursuit after seeing the dog hobbling by.

The dog stopped in front of a room door and allowed the guy who joined the rescue pursuit to approach him.

While the guy was making friends with the dog, Tawnee went to the hotel desk to inquire if perhaps there was anyone staying in that room who was missing their dog.  They said “No” and that the room was vacant.

The dog was loaded up in the rescue rig and taken to the vet.

At the vet the dog was scanned for microchips but didn’t have one.  He looked up with his big eyes saying “Thank you for helping me!”

His poor leg still drug along the ground as he walked.

A kennel was quickly prepared for him and soon he was able to rest comfortably.

Once the dog was settled Tawnee headed out to see the horse that had been surrendered.  She was in horrible condition.  The person who surrendered her rescued her from someone who was trying to breed her.  Since she wasn’t taking, they decided to offer her to a horse trader / killer buyer.  Thankfully a concerned person stepped up and became responsible for this horse.

The poor mare was experiencing a lot of pain from her front legs and could barely walk.  Poor girl!  What if she had become pregnant in this state?  Some people do not think at all it seems.

Back in the vet hospital the dog was being xrayed to determine if his leg was broken or not.

To everyone’s great joy it was found that there were no broken bones, but, however, the dog most likely was hit by a car and sustained muscle and possible nerve damage.  He will just need some TLC, food (as he is underweight) and time will tell if his leg will heal.

He was such a good boy through it all.  He wasn’t too happy about the muzzle but it was for everyone’s safety.

The poor mare was examined for quality life and it was found that due to her legs, age and emaciation that humane euthanasia was the kindest thing to do to relieve her continuous pain.  She had sores on her body from laying down so much trying to relieve the pain in her legs. Poor girl, how long had she been in this state?

We were all given the peace of mind that the last thing she knew was mouth fulls of yummy grass and kindness.  It’s so hard rescuing animals, coming in contact with them, and then saying goodbye so quickly.  Knowing that you did all you could and that their suffering is over is what you must take to heart.

The dog got the OK from the vet that he didn’t need a hospital stay, so he started out on his new adventure.

With the biggest doggy smile he could make he looked at Tawnee and said “Let’s hit the road!”

He definitely enjoyed driving in the car.  He is a very sweet well natured boy who wants to please.  He knows to sit upon command, and probably a whole lot more if he was feeling better and we knew what to tell him.  There may be a family out there missing him, but in the meantime we need to let him heal and we desperately need a foster home for him. If you are interested in fostering him, please let us know.  He is a very sweet boy and needs meds 3 times a day.

We asked our Facebook fans to name him, and the name Roadie was suggested.  We think it fits him perfect!  You can watch Roadie’s rescue video by clicking the play button below or clicking here.

We would like to thank you all for your support both great and small.  Please consider making a donation to our SAFE fund to help care for Roadie and animals just like him.  Click here.

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