We would like you to meet Volton and Spencer.  They were surrendered at our SAFE Surrender Site together and their owner was willing to write up some information about them.

Volton is approximately 28 years old.  Volton has developed arthritis and his teethe are worn down.

The arthritis can definitely be seen.  It is so sad when horses, and anything, gets old and their body starts getting worn out.

Spencer is an approximately 19 years old gelding, who was rescued about 2 years ago by his previous owners.  He has lameness in his hind quarters, and they have worked with several vets over the last two years to try and find the problem.  The last diagnosis is that he at some point had an accident and most likely fractured his hip.  He is getting progressively worse and now only uses his right rear leg very little.  Their vet does not believe that he can be healed.

It is so sad when the sweetest of horses have their body’s fall apart underneath them and there is nothing that can be done to make their life comfortable.  Chronic pain is such a terrible curse.

After leaving the vet, Jason and Tawnee hit the road heading somewhere special.

We are wanting to get an annual horse camp / trail ride / play day event going.  Some event where horse people, especially those with adopted horses (of course any horse would be welcome) can spend a weekend of horse camping and fun for all.  Jason and Tawnee have been looking at various locations and today they went by Lake Oroville Equestrian Camps.  There is 15 camp sites, each campsite has 2 12×12 paneled pens with feeders, so there is room for 30 horses.

There are lots of trails around the lake, and lots of things to do.

Tawnee walked around the camp, taking pictures and seeing if it is a suitable location.  It is a very nice clean campground, and looks like it could be a lot of fun.  There is a nice round pen and a wash racks.

The horse trails are so well maintained and nice.  There are miles and miles of trails just like this.

We need your feedback!  Is this something that you would be interested in coming to?  When would be a good time to schedule this event?  The cost for this particular site would be about $100 a family.  There are only 15 campsites, so depending on the feedback, we may be looking at locations that can hold a lot more campers, which we have several in mind.  One of the alternative sites has a full size arena and a river you and your horse can play in.  Please leave feedback on our Facebook page or email us.  We would love to start having an annual Horse Plus Camp.

Many thanks to Sam G, Betsy W, Julie S, and Gail G for their very generous donations!  It really helps a lot.

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