Shawnee was excited to be getting into the trailer.  She was going to her new home!

Pixie was in the trailer too, hiding behind Shawnee.  Pixie is not halter trained, but when the trailer backed up to her pen, she walked up and hopped in with no encouragement at all.  She was excited to see what new adventures would hold for her.  She knew that last time she got in the trailer her life changed for the better, so she’s hoping it gets even better.

After loading up they headed off down the road.  It was an uneventful drive thankfully.

Cathy, who answers our phones, had fallen in love with Shawnee and Pixie and just had to adopt them.  She was so happy to see them when the door opened.

Soon they were settled in and exploring their new pen.

After Shawnee and Pixie were settled in, Cathy and Tawnee went over all the business cards and brochures collected at the expo.  Cathy is going to be doing the followup.

Then Tawnee hit the road and headed to the next location: Animal Control.

Animal Control had a lot of feed bags that they wanted to transfer to us.

They also had some little critters that needed a place to go.  This little hen, we believe she’s a she, was a stray.

There was also a Peahen (female Peacock) that needed a place to go.  Animal Control sent their workforce in to catch her.  The poor guys didn’t really know how to catch a peahen, but they got a lot of advice from everyone outside the cage.

Soon she was safely in her crate.  This is our first ever Peafowl we have ever had at our shelter.

The trailer was loaded up with all the bags and bags of feed, and then the Peahen and the chicken were loaded up too.

Tawnee went in to take a quick peek at the other adorable little animals that desperately need homes.  If you are looking for a pet, save a life: adopt.  Over 4 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year because there are no homes for them.  There are adorable kittens, puppies, dogs and cats that are waiting for someone to skip the pet store and save their life.  They are just as cute, just as adorable, and they need a home.  Step up and save a life today.

Pet Pardons, on Facebook, works tirelessly to find homes for animals just like the little kitten above, that are in danger of being euthanized if no home can be found.  It’s a recent group, but over 130,000 fans and hundreds and hundreds of lives have been saved thanks to people promoting animals that need homes on their Facebook walls.  We hear that they will be adding horses soon.  We got a call today from another Humane Society that has 2 horses that will be put down in a few days if they can’t find a place for them.  If they were able to put them on Pet Pardons, all the horse people could network and hopefully find a home for them.  To visit Pet Pardons, click here.

Finally everything was loaded up, and Tawnee, the birds and the feed began their way back to the shelter.

It was 95 degrees when Tawnee got back to the shelter and she let out a big sigh when she opened the trailer door, knowing that she was going to have to unload all the feed by herself.  She started feeling tired just looking at it, but it had to be done.

First of all, the new arrivals had to get settled.  We asked our Facebook fans for name suggestions for the Peahen.  We picked Penny, suggested first by Sandy and affirmed by several other people as a cute name.  Penny got 24 comments to her pictures…

…while the poor little chicken only got 2 name suggestions.  Poor little girl, she is not a Facebook fan right now.  She isn’t feeling the love, but regardless she needs a name, so we have chosen Miss Peep, suggested by Linda, which will be changed to Mr Peep if she starts crowing.

Miss Peep is a cute little chicken.  She is quite jealous of Penny’s fan base, but she says that some are born to be celebrities and some are not.  She will do her best to be happy, but she would be happiest if she got a home!

Miss Peep was quite intrigued by her new roomate, Penny, as Penny walked around and explored the fowl pen.  Miss Peep wondered if she would get as big as Penny when she grows up.

Penny decided that to help her poor little friend out she would become a mother figure to her.  Miss Peep follows Penny around and is quite happy with her new friend.

We would like you to meet Jewel, a horse that was surrendered today as well.  She is 19 years old, very pretty and very sweet.  We are told she is trained to ride and is healthy.  She is current on all shots and she needs a home!

We would like to give updates on a few of the animals at our shelter.   Shanti has been with us almost a year, and is really hoping that somebody will give her a home.  She is a sweet horse and very pretty, about 13 years old and trained to ride.  If you would like to read more about her, click here.

The group of curly’s are doing great and are ready for their homes too.   There has got to be some curly fans who would love the opportunity to add one to their family.  These guys need homes and are ready to go.

Shadow is growing up to be a good girl.  She is doing a great job of keeping Parcy in line.  She is a little shy of people, but Parcy is overly friendly, so they help level each other off.  They are best of buddies!

Many thanks to Pamela N., Cathy F. and Emily J for their very generous donations.  We couldn’t do it without your support!  To see your name here tomorrow, click here.

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