We had been working on rescuing 3 horses out of an Animal Control where they were going to be euthanized due to a lack of resources for horses.  In the area they were, there are not a lot of potential horse homes due to a lack of boarding stables and people willing to give a horse a home.   A group of volunteers at the Animal Control tried desperately to find a solution and found us.  We agreed to give these 3 young horses the rehab they so desperately need, and a second chance at finding their forever home.  When we said “Yes” we didn’t know where the money would come from for their rehab.

While the horses were being loaded up to make the long trip to us, we sent out an urgent appeal and your response was overwhelming.  Within 12 hours all the needed funds had been donated.  If you didn’t see the email, you can read it by clicking here.

While some staff where managing the fundraising, others were on their way to the mountains with 3 horses in tow.

Higher and higher into the mountains they went until they entered the beautiful Indian Valley, Greenville, CA.

Mattie was the first horse to be delivered to her new home.   She is such a pretty girl and got right out of the trailer, so happy to be home.

She started checking out her pen, and decided it was pretty nice.  Lots of big trees to give her shade, but then…

…she saw a beautiful view that took her breath away.  Was this really going to be what she would wake up and see every day?

Well Mattie, you are a very lucky girl, this is your view looking over the beautiful valley and the snowcapped mountains.  Indian Valley is so beautiful, Tawnee is pushing to have the Horse Plus camp here.  It’s gorgeous and takes your breath away.

Once Mattie was settled they headed off down the road once again.

At the next destination Wof, who had been adopted a few months ago, was finally going home.

What an adorable adoption photo!  After his photo was taken, it was time for Wof to settle in.

These folks have adopted from us before and are A+ adopters.  They give their horses the best of homes.  Wof got to meet one of the other adopted horses.  No doubt they will have stories to share.

Once again, the staff were on the road.  It’s amazing how much snow is still up in the mountains.

The next destination there was a horse named Shasta that heard something exciting was happening.

Serenity Joy was being adopted!  Shasta was so excited to see her and couldn’t wait to meet his new buddy.

Horses are herd animals and love to have a horse friend.  Now Shasta will have a friend.

Then it was off to pick up Ducky.  Ducky is a gelded donkey who was no longer able to stay with his family.  We will have more information and better pictures soon.

At the vet, the 3 horses from Animal Control arrived.  Their big sad eyes told of the pain they have endured.  This poor guy is only a year old, but you can see in his eyes that he has gone through so much.

The two mares are very beautiful, but quite thin as well.  Thanks to your support we have the funds to give them a full rehab.  More information will be on our next blog.

A huge “Thank you!” goes to Cindy P., Scott M., Carla G., Lisa A., Colleen S., Lynne H., and Brooke P., Marlene B., Karen H., Kaisa Y., Wendy S., Faye M., JoAnne Z., Karen D., Karen T., Colleen D., Cristina F., Dee M., Kerry M., Faryn K., Suzanne A., Donna A., Betsy W., Sara H. and Caroline R.  We couldn’t do it without your support!

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