We have some very exciting news!  The California Department of Food and Agriculture has declared the EHV-1 outbreak contained.  Thanks to the hard work of the vets, CDFA, show cancellations, and to the countless horse owners who kept their horses home and safe, the outbreak is over.  To read the CDFA press release, click here.

Starting in July, we will be welcoming visitors Monday through Thursday, 1:00 – 4:00 pm.  We will be closed weekends, all holidays, fundraising events, and rainy days.   It’s still best to make a phone call or email and make sure someone will be there just in case a rescue calls away all our staff.

We found this friendly, horribly skinny guy in our SAFE Surrender Drop pen.  We asked our Facebook fans for name suggestions, and got almost 60 comments.  Over and over people suggested and liked the name “Marley” so, meet Marley!  He desperately needs to go into the rehab program.  He is 2-3 year old gelding who is trained to lead and really loves people despite what they have done to him.

There was something different at the shelter Dottie wasn’t too sure about.  There were cobwebs everywhere. It seems like Charlotte’s babies had hatched and there were thousands of baby spiders floating on their webs everywhere.

Jason and a volunteer got to work moving panels.  There is a lot of stuff that has to be done at the shelter, and never enough time it seems.  They devoted a whole day to get as much done as possible.

A pickup truck that no one recognized was pulling into the shelter, what could it be?

A tack store had a tack swap, and they asked people to donate the leftover tack to us.  Lots of people did, we really appreciate it!

Included in the tack was this adorable sign.  No doubt we will find a spot to put it up somewhere.

Then it was back out working away.

It is so nice to have the undamaged parts of the mare motel back together.

The horses like it too.

Parcy has been learning some new tricks.  He loaded up in the trailer to head out.

Parcy is getting to be a big boy, and it’s time to earn his keep, so to speak.  Tawnee has been training him to stand under saddle and let kids sit on him.  He has been doing great and it was time to see how he is with a bunch of kids.  So, he loaded up and headed to a Vacation Bible School.

Sitting on Parcy was a big hit at the Vacation Bible School.  All the kids that are light enough had so much fun sitting on him.  It is great to show kids that cows are fun, not food.

Macho Man was also there just to say “Hi” and let the kids pet him.

Parcy really enjoyed doing this and it almost seems like he does his job with a lot of pride.  Everyone needs a job and to feel important, and he sure did.

Parcy first came to us in November 2009.  He has gotten so big since then.  He was such a helpless baby when he was rescued.  Click here to see the blog entry about when Parcy came into our lives.

Many thanks to Janet D., Terri V., Gail G., Bronwyn L. and Kim C. for their generous donations!  We really appreciate it.

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