Marley, the emaciated 2-3 year old gelding that was in the last blog, is doing well and settling in.  He definitely enjoys eating his food.

He is very skinny but we know that thanks to your support he will soon blossom and be a beautiful sleek horse, maybe for the first time in his life.

We would like you to meet Sarah, who was surrendered at our SAFE Surrender Site at our vet.  We are told by the vet staff that when the owner brought her in she was very sad.  She loved her very much and had her since she was a baby.  She is trained to ride, but recently bucked her off.  Why she bucked her off is unknown.  It could be almost anything, from a bee bite to a sticker in the saddle pad.  No matter the case, her husband said that Sarah had to go.  Thankfully they made sure they were responsible for her and took her to the SAFE Surrender Site when they could have sold her to a horse trader or taken her to auction.

Presley has been at the vet for his navicular problems.  He was finally ready to be adopted.  We would like to thank Betsy W and MacKenzie B for donating to Presley’s navicular treatment.

Today was an exciting day!  Presley was going to be adopted.  His adopters also adopted a horse from Animal Control.  Presley and Dakota became great buddies at the vet office.  It was great to see them starting their new lives together.

Jason was going to be taking Presley and Dakota to their home, and he loaded up Sarah for the short ride to the shelter as well.

Sarah is such a beautiful girl!  She looked around and thought “Wow, there’s a lot of new friends to be made here.”  She is 8 years old and trained to ride.  We will be evaluating her to see if she has a bucking issue or if it’s just a fluke.

Jason couldn’t stay long as he wanted to keep the trailer moving so Presley and Dakota wouldn’t get too hot.  Sarah settled right in and he was off.

Dakota and Presley were so happy to get to their new home.

This is the Animal Control horse, Dakota.  He isn’t one of our adoptees, but Jason took a picture of the two of them together and it was so cute we just had to show you.

Presley watched as Dakota was led to their new pen.  Presley and Dakota were both wide eyed looking at the Llama’s.

There was a donkey too.  The black Llama and the white donkey have been both adopted from us.  The donkey is one we bought from a horse trader / killer buyer who had bought her from AAA Equine Rescue.  We will do an update on AAA Equine Rescue soon, if you missed that whole story, click here.

Now you have to notice this pen.  Presley and Dakota’s mom and dad worked hard making this pen brush free.  Beyond the fencing is thick with brush, that was the way this pen was.  They cut brush, pulled stumps with their tractor, and worked countless days until 2:00 am getting it ready for their new friends.

Presley’s mom is so happy with him.

While the horses were settling in Obama the Llama (adopted from us) peered over the fence looking at his new neighbors.  He looks so happy and healthy.

When Obama came to us he had been abandoned for years and had not been sheered anytime during that point.  To read their rescue story, click here. Obama was named Pepper back then.

His hair is so beautiful and soft now that you would never think by looking at him that he was once matted and unkempt.

The horses soon discovered that all that tractor work had made lots of fluffy dirt to roll in.  They soon started having fun rolling in the nice soft dirt.

When Jason pulled away they both looked so content.  It is so wonderful knowing they will have such a wonderful home.

Many thanks to everyone that helps both financially, physically and emotionally.

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