Phoenix is happy to have his pen up and his home is finally usable at the shelter.  He is such a great boy!  If any of you missed his rescue story, it’s a must read. He was the skinniest horse we have ever rescued and rehabbed.  Click here.

We had some appointments people had made to come visit the horses.  We are still taking appointments on Sundays for those that cannot get off work during the week to visit us during the normal visiting times of Monday – Thursday from 1:00 to 4:00.  It is always wise to call ahead to make sure something hasn’t called all of our staff away.  If you don’t get an answer, don’t make the drive!  It’s best to call the day before.

Ladybug had a potential adoptive family come out to visit her.  She is such a pretty girl!

They rode her and they really fell in love with her.  Ladybug does have navicular, but they are willing to do what it will take to make her comfortable and thrive in their family.  We are very excited that they have decided to put Ladybug in adoption pending!

Some other visitors came out to look for a horse.  They hadn’t decided who they wanted to look at, they wanted to see everyone and see if any of the horses picked them.  Well, Dino picked them.  They really started bonding.

Soon Dino was in the round pen showing off his riding skills which convinced them even more that he should be added to their family.  They placed him into adoption pending and now have to go through our adoption approval process, along with her fiance’s approval process, before they can adopt him.  We are hoping for the best for Dino, he’s been looking for his forever home at the shelter since December of 2010.  To read the blog when Dino came to us, click here.

After he was untacked Dino wanted to roll in the sand.  Down he went.

After rolling he was ready to get back up.  He really enjoyed himself.

He is such a handsome boy!

Meanwhile Jason was busy moving a shelter from one location to another.  It seems like the pens move with the seasons, and the shelters follow along with them.

This pen is Marley’s pen, where we expect his rehab to go very well and before you know it he’ll be healthy, fat and happy.  Then he’ll be ready for his forever home.  He is such a sweet guy!

Many thanks to Julie S. and Pamela M. for their generous donations!

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