Monday was lining up to be a very busy day.  Tawnee was in the rescue rig heading down the road.

There was the inevitable stop at the gas station to get fuel to make it possible to keep heading down the road.

Tawnee cringed seeing the price tag for filling up the rescue rig.

Tawnee was picking up a very lucky girl who was very excited about wanting to help rescue horses.  Her Grandma had recently adopted Maddie.  Jessica just couldn’t wait to see what rescuing is like.

Jessica wanted to help horses so bad she went around and found every penny, nickel and dime she could.  She rolled them up and took them to the bank to exchange for paper money.  She had almost $150!  Money that was laying around unused that was now going to be put to good use.

First off they had to stop at Tractor Supply to get some needed items that the rescued horses always end up using.

She helped Tawnee load bags of senior feed onto the cart.  She was enjoying the whole experience.

After Tractor Supply they passed a poor bicyclist who had gotten hit by a car.  Those accidents never end well for the bicyclist.  He seemed very dazed.  Please, if you are trying to beat the gas prices on a bike or horse, be very careful and stay alert!

They finally arrived at the Animal Control where they were scheduled to pick up 2 horses.

There was of course the mandatory paperwork for getting the horses signed over.  While Tawnee was doing paperwork, Jessica was getting acquainted with some of the animals that desperately need homes.

The Animal Control has some adorable baby bunnies that need homes.  They are so cute and ready to start their new lives with a lucky family.

Please adopt before you head to a pet store to buy a cuddly kitten.  There are so many kittens at Animal Control’s and shelters right now.  They all need a home!  Save a life, adopt.

Once the paperwork was done they headed out to meet the horses.  These poor horses!  They were both seized from a repeat abuser.

Meet Sophie, named by one of our Facebook fans Leila.  She is an Arab mare who is extremely thin.  She is in her 20’s.

Meet Grace, an off the track Thoroughbred mare in her 20’s, named by Lanie and seconded by others on our Facebook page.  Yet another racehorse who fell on hard times.

Jessica looked at these poor horses so wide eyed.  It’s always hard meeting horses who have abused into such terrible condition.

You can see every rib and every bone on their poor bodies.

It’s just so sad that these helpless animals endure such pain and suffering from uncaring humans.

Soon Sophie was in the trailer wide eyed wondering what was happening next.

Grace on the other hand didn’t want to leave.  Tawnee tried to lead her away from her pen but she didn’t want to move.  One of the volunteers at the Animal Shelter said that this mare really liked him, so Tawnee gave the leadrope to him.  Grace looked at him with her big eyes and followed him to the trailer.  You could tell she didn’t want to leave the place she had finally found safety and food.

Finally she was in the trailer and Tawnee made sure they would be OK for the trip.

Sophie stood patiently in the trailer while Tawnee took a quick picture.  It is so sad seeing horses backs, which should be full and beautiful, so skinny and bony.

Grace’s back is equally emaciated.  How can someone let a helpless animal get into this condition?

Then it was time for Tawnee to say “Goodbye” to Jessica.  She really enjoyed herself and no doubt will remember this adventure for the rest of her life.  Tawnee says “Jessica, follow your dreams, never let anything or anyone stop you from helping animals in need.”

We made a video of Jessica’s ride-along for you to enjoy.  Join her and see what rescuing is like first hand!  Click here.

Then it was off down the road to our vet office.

At the vet office everyone was still on their feet and ready to get settled in.

We’re not sure how they are going to respond to rehab due to their age and horrible condition.

They are both going to stay at the vet office where they can be carefully monitored for progress.  We hope and pray that they show signs of improvement.

Likegranma has developed a hoof abscess, but is doing well at the vet and eating lots of yummy food.

We know that with her young age and a little time her bones will disappear and she will be shiny and beautiful like she was 8 months ago when she was racing.

Lady Begone is also doing very well and gaining her weight back nicely.  She is such a beautiful girl!

Lucero is doing well at the vet too. He is such a sweet guy it’s hard to get a good picture of him because he wants to be close to you.  He is scheduled to be gelded soon.

At the vet office there was a horse that had been surrendered that day at the SAFE Surrender Site.  Meet Chance, a 25 year old Arab gelding.  He’s a very sweet guy but he needs a lot of weight.  He is supposed to be trained to ride.

He was more than happy to hop in the trailer.

A quick drive back to to shelter…

…and Chance was ready to get out and make some new friends.

Chance is going to be room mate’s with Marley.  Marley is in similar condition and they both need lots of food.

Marley is doing great.  His spirits are getting better and he is such a cute adorable, sweet guy.

If you hadn’t noticed, we have a lot of emaciated horses at the shelter.  And a lot of horses at the vet for vet care.  We were able to raise money to care for Likegranma, Lady Begone and Lucero, but there are a lot of other horses that have come in that are in just as terrible of condition, if not worse.  We desperately need donations to cover their feed and vet bills, please help out right now.  Your donation of love really means a lot to horses like Marley, Chance, Sophie and Grace, along with all the other horses at the shelter.  By just looking around, Jessica found almost $150.  What can you find?  Click here.

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