Today wasn’t a glamorous day of rescuing animals or foiling killer buyers plans, it was trash pickup day.  Thanks to a board member’s loan of his dump trailer, along with Jason and a volunteers hard work, the dump trailer was soon full of rubbish.

At the dump, a quick push of a button and it all came piling out the back.  So much bailing twine!

When they got back to the shelter a trailer was waiting at the gate.  Jason wondered who was inside waiting to be surrendered.

Surprise surprise, the trailer was being surrendered!  Shadow’s (the mini horse) old mom and dad decided to donate their unused trailer to the shelter.

It is a really nicely kept, great condition trailer.  Yes, we won’t be taking it on rescues that involved full sized horses, but for little critters it is perfect.

Sir Peanut is hanging out waiting for his forever home.  He’s decided that the feed trough is a great napping area.  Kind of like a lazy boy chair, you have some snacks there and you’re comfy too.

Then Jason and the volunteer started loading the scrap metal, the roofing that was blown to bits, and all the other recyclables.

About this time a very nice truck and trailer were pulling into the shelter.  It was a professional hauler that drove a surrendered horse up from down south.

Meet Oscar, a 15 year old Oldenburg.  He is a gorgeous boy!

His old owner emailed us, hoping we could take us, and says: “He is a 15 year-old Oldenberg gelding. He was a big jumper before my mom bought him for me. He had a suspensory injury, but was sound. He could jump with limitations. About 9 months after we bought him, he started having slight soundness issues. He was fine to ride, but not show. We put him in pasture and he got better. We brought him home, and my mom has been riding him mostly. The are a few reasons why I have been trying to find him a home. One is that I am a single mom and cannot afford him right now. My mom has been helping me, but she has two other horses of her own. Also, because of his previous injury and limitations, I have outgrown him. Because of his injury, I can’t really sell him. The other thing is that out of nowhere he can have a really bad attitude. He’s bucked me off really hard once. He’s was difficult for another girl who tried to show him. Then, just recently he basically freaked out in the show ring when my mom was on him. Because he can be like this at times, I do not feel comfortable donating him to an equestrian team. He might be great as a trail horse, just no more jumping. I just don’t know. I have tried contacting other rescue or donation organizations, but they will not take him because he is not ill or exceptionally old. I cannot just give him away because I do not want him to end up at an auction. If he has to be euthanized, that’s different. I am hoping and praying that your organization will accept him and see if he might be a candidate for adoption or not.”

After Oscar was settled in they headed to the recycle center.  Another quick push of the button and…

…$100 was in hand.  That will help feed the horses!  Recycling is such a great thing.

Many thanks to: Pam M., Kelly S., Cynthia K., Adrienne S., Gail G., Judy C., Kathleen T., Yvonne W. for their very generous donations.  We couldn’t do it without you!

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