Meet Hope, another off the track TB who was surrendered at our Safe Surrender Site.
Here is a note from the people who surrendered Hope, who are also suffering from cancer:  “In March a young couple pulled into my place and asked if I would let them keep their horse here, wife said she passed this way going to work. They would clean the barn and come by every day to take care of the horse. They would also do some chores for me for the board. I thought it would be fun to have a horse on the place again and they seemed like nice people. The horse moved in in March and I was shocked to see this skinny mare. The nice people said they left the horse with some people while they were moving and they didn’t feed her. The couple came out for 6 days and never showed up again. From that time to now I have done my best to feed her and care for her, but it is impossible on my income and with my cancer. She is a very sweet mare with a fuse front pasture. They claimed to ride her but I hope not with that leg. She lets me lead her to the barn, not shying away from my walker. Bless her heart she has even held me up when I have almost fallen. Its like she knows we’re both old and need help. Thank you for taking her.”    Hope will be evaluated for her current health issues.  She has several different medical conditions that we are concerned about.  In her day she must have been knock dead gorgeous.

Ladybug was adopted today and was on her way to her new forever home.   Ladybug’s mom and dad came out prior to find a horse suitable for their granchildren to ride.   It was love at first sight.   Ladybug was such a sweet girl and did everything her new mommy asked her to do.
Once their paperwork was done, they wasted no time picking up their new family member. Congradulations Ladybug.
Banjo also had a visitor today from a previous adopter.  He was a very willing boy and tried his very best to do as he was asked.   Who are hoping the best for Banjo and that he will find his perfect home soon.
Dino had a few vistors today.   His new friend was out to meet him last week and thought he was a wonderful boy.  She put a hold on him while her paperwork is processed.   She just couldn’t stay away from this handsome boy so she and her fianacee drove a long ways to bring him apples and carrots. They can’t wait to take him to his forever home.  Dino passed the fiance approval process with flying colors.  They are so excited!
Please remember that we have a calender on our “Contact Us” page that shows what days we are welcoming visitors.  Please check it and plan accordingly for visiting.  This Wednesday the shelter will be closed.  We will be updating it with events, work bees, and euthanasia clinics.
Many thanks to all of your support, both financial and emotional.

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