Banjo peered into the camera Thursday wondering what Tawnee was doing.  It’s just a cute picture Banjo, to announce that on Facebook we now have over 11,000 fans.  We would like to thank Pet Pardons for sending fans our way, and to you for sharing with your friends!  It is greatly appreciated.  The more animal friends that can band together the better.  Come visit us on Facebook by clicking here.

Banjo came to us April 14th, 2011 as a poor skinny stallion from Lassen County Animal Control.  You can read about the day he was gelded by clicking here.

In less than 3 months he is looking like a gorgeous boy.  He is filling out and his coat has that beautiful shiny look.  He still has a bit of weight to gain, but he is definitely on the upward swing.

Marley was enjoying his breakfast.  He is such a kind, sweet pretty boy.

Marley was dropped off in our SAFE Surrender Pen at the Shelter June 21st.  You can read about that by clicking here.

2 weeks later he is visibly gaining weight.  He should bounce back in no time since he is so young.  He is a very sweet little guy, he is halter trained, he just need TLC and soon he’ll be looking for his forever home.

Finally a project was going to be underway that was long overdue.  The shelters were put up months ago, and it was finally time to get them painted.

We tried before but it would rain every time it was scheduled.  Now that summer is here, it was finally time.

Layer after layer of pretty white paint was sprayed on.

Tawnee was heading to the vet with some horses that came to our shelter that needed to be evaluated for quality of life and to pick up some horses that were at our vet office.  She knew that when she got back all the little shelters will look so cute.

On the way there Tawnee and a volunteer that was riding along saw some flashing lights ahead.  What could it be?  As they drove closer they realized it was a sheriff car, and as they drove by they saw people on the ground with multiple guns drawn on them by law enforcement.  Yikes!

At the vet the horses were evaluated.  Sadly, there were some that were too old with medical problems that were given the last act of kindness.  They are suffering no more.  Two of the horses, one of which was Hope, had such bad arthritis they could barely walk.  It’s so sad, but knowing that they will never know the horrors of the slaughter pipeline is such a comfort.  If you didn’t read about Hope (we were unable to email out the blog that time) click here.

The bright part of the day was that the 3 Thoroughbreds that came in from Animal Control were able to come to the shelter.  They were all doing well and gaining their weight.  They are ready to search for their new home soon.  Lady Begone loaded right up in the trailer.  She was excited to be going somewhere.  She didn’t know where, but she was excited anyway.

Likegranma was a little hesitant.  She liked it at the vet and looked at the trailer wide eyed as if saying “Do I really want to get in there?”

After loading up the horses the volunteer told Tawnee “Uh, there’s a flat tire.”  It’s been awhile.  Thankfully there was a nice breeze so the horses would be fine in the trailer while Tawnee changed the tire as quickly as she could.

The volunteer said “Can we have someone come and change it?  Maybe Jason can come out and change it?”  Tawnee explained that when you’re rescuing animals you have to be prepared to do anything it takes and use your time and resources wisely.  Even if it means getting down, getting dirty and changing a flat tire.  Whatever needs to be done, be prepared to do it.

Soon Tawnee was tightening down the spare tire lug nuts.

On the way to the shelter they saw more law enforcement activity.  Heading out of Oroville at a stoplight there was an accident that involved 3 or more cars.  Someone pulled out at a red light or something terrible, it was not good at all.

At the shelter Lucero unloaded without a problem.  He was just like a kid, excited that something new was happening.

Finally they were all unloaded.  Lady Begone walked around, happy to be stretching her legs.

This is Lady Begone when she first came to us.  She was named Pantera when she was rescued.  We are calling her by her registered name, hopefully someone will be searching for her by name and stumble upon her story.  And, no doubt she knows her name.

Likegranma, who was named Sally when she came to us, is looking so much better.  She is still thin, but her ribs are disappearing, and she is getting that majestic look that she had when she was racing just 7 months ago.

This is how Likegranma looked when she came to us.  The difference she has made in a few weeks is amazing.  We would strongly encourage you, if you didn’t read their story, to read their story and see more pictures and videos, click here.

Lucero is such a sweet little guy.  He just loves people and wants to be loved on all the time.  He is ready to be adopted, he has been gelded, is up on his shots, and is ready for his new life.  He is about a year old and is one of the sweetest little guys you’ll ever meet.

He too has changed a lot since he came to us.  This is how he looked when he came to us, ribs showing, dull coat, but he is doing better now!

As evening set they were put into their new pen and settled in for their first night at the shelter.  Lady Begone looked around wide eyed.  She couldn’t believe the funny looking things that kind of look like horses walking with strange tails and ugly faces.  She needs to realize that Parcy and Shadow, the cows, are not deformed horses, they are kind loving bovine that are great neighbors across the fence.

After a little while they were enjoying their supper and they realized the cows are not going to eat them.

A huge “Thank you!” goes to Kathleen T., Jenette S., Dena L., Glennis R., Elizabeth C., Judy C., Roberta A., James G., Joni M., Marilyn R., Lance A., Cindy M., Show Dressed Up, Yvonne W., Kendra K., Michelle P., Pam R. and Amnehe M. for their very generous donations and monthly support.  It’s what makes it possible!

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