Lady Bug is doing so well in her new home.  She has lots of beautiful grass and a very loving mom and dad.  Thanks so much for giving her such a great home!

In our drop pen Sunday morning we found a POA mare.  She was wide eyed as if to say “Hello.”

She was moved into the round pen to get her intake photos.  A note that came with her said “Amber is approx 11 years old Appy.  Very sweet, gentle spirit.  Last ridden by a 9 year old girl, smooth gait.  Needs a good home.  Owner lost her job and home and is unable to keep her.”

She had her shots in Jan and also had a dental done in April.  We will be evaluating her riding ability and hopefully she can find her new home very soon.  She has some blindness in her left eye.

The paint on the little critter shelters is so nice looking!  We can’t wait to get the trim paint on and it will look so cute.

A truck and trailer was pulling into the shelter, who could it be?

Dino’s mommy had come to sign the adoption paperwork and take him home!  Her application was approved and she was so excited to finally be able to take him home.

Dino was a little nervous about getting into the trailer, but was soon enough loaded up ready for his new adventures in life.

One final double check to make sure everything was ready and then they were off.

We are going to miss Dino, we have had him since December 6th, 2010.  Here is how Dino looked when he came to us, his intake photo.  He sure has blossomed and became a big beautiful shiny boy while at the shelter.  It’s hard to believe that he’s the same horse.  To read his intake blog, click here.

Many thanks to Laura C., Jeanine H., Karen C., Scott D., Janaki R., Donna A., Jennifer L., Jenette S. and Kathleen R. for their generous donations!

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