We have some exciting news!  All Roads Communication has decided that we need some more Facebook fans, and they’re putting their money where their mouth is.  For every new person that ‘likes’ us on Facebook until July 31st, they are donating 50 cents, up to 5000 new likes.  Obviously, this is a wonderful opportunity!  We posted it on Facebook and another person stepped up and stated they will donate 5 cents for every like up to 5000.  That is 55 cents for every new like.  If you or your company is interested in pledging to donate per like, maybe we could get it up to $1 per like?  Whatever the case, please spread the word!  Every 2 people that like us is $1.10 that goes to help the horses.  We started at 11,206.  Please spread the word!  To visit All Road Communication’s website, and to rent mobile communication gear for your next backwoods adventures beyond cell phone range, click here.

We had a new volunteer at the shelter and she fell in love with Phoenix.  She couldn’t believe the pictures of when he was first rescued.  It broke her heart and she plans on being Phoenix’s personal groomer for awhile.

The three horses, Lady Begone, Lucero and  Likegranma, are doing good and spending their days munching food and resting in the shade drinking nice clean water.

Today Tawnee and Cathy were making adoption videos.  Hopefully seeing what we see, that Key’s is an absolute sweetheart, will touch someones heart and he can find a great home soon.

Putting his video on Petfinder and Adopt a Pet should help him find a home soon.  Keys is an approximately 20 year old Saddlebred / cross who is very well trained to ride.  To watch Keys video, click here. To place a hold on Keys, visit our Adoption page by clicking here.

After Key’s adoption video it was time to evaluate Amber.  While brushing her Tawnee, Cathy and the volunteer all marveled over her beautiful coat.  She is so flashy!

There are so many beautiful colors all swirled together, it is so fun to look at.

Amber stood patiently while being saddled, bridled and mounted.  She only moved when Tawnee asked her too.  She is a very sweet horse.

What a cute face she has!  She is about 11 years old, 14.1-14.2 hand POA mare.

You can watch Amber’s video by clicking here.

Cathy loved to love on Amber and Amber loves to snuggle with just about anyone.

Amber had a busy day as folks that saw her on Facebook wanted to come see her.  She wasn’t the perfect fit for their family.  However, she was placed into adoption pending by someone else and is currently not available for adoption.  She is a gorgeous girl so keep a close eye!

We got three equines that were in a really bad situation, we were told by the people who brought them that they would become dog food if we didn’t buy them.  People are so incredibly heartless and want to make the last possible dollar on the life of a poor animal.  We cannot imagine the outrage and horror if someone announced to their local SPCA “If you don’t buy this Labrador, we are going to butcher him and eat him.”  Horrifically it happens in the horse world all the time! We look forward to the day when horse slaughter is relegated to the bin of horrible history along with slavery, genocide and extermination of entire species.  We would like to thank Jennifer G. for making their rescue possible.  There were 2 horses and 1 donkey.

The donkey got in the round pen and rolled with delight after his long trip.  He is about 6 years old and halter trained.

This is an approximately 15 year old, 15 hand solid Paint gelding named Blaze.  He will be evaluated soon.

The other horse is this beautiful Paint mare named Lakota, about 6 years old.  She is a little shy but is halter trained and will learn that people can be kind.

The donkey, named Woody, has to be separated as he is an intact jack.  We desperately need donations to cover his gelding cost, which is $350.  Donkey’s cost more than horses to geld.  Please help Woody become a happy sociable donkey gelding, click here.  His gelding operation will be scheduled as soon as the funds are donated.  He is so cute, and will make a really cute gelding.

Many thanks to David P. for their generous monthly support!

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