Our Facebook ‘like’ campaign is going great!  Newark Pet Clinic from Fremont Ca has signed up to do 5 cents per like, up to 5,000.  That is 55 cents per like!  Spread the word, invite your friends, it’s the easiest way to raise money for free to help the horses.  To like our Facebook page, click here.

We can’t wait to get time to get the green trim on the shelters.  They are going to look so cute!  We love our great group of staff and volunteers who get so much done every single day.

The horses who came in yesterday are doing fine and settling in nicely.  Blaze doesn’t like dogs however and will chase them out of his pen.  He didn’t chase Waify, it was another dog that Cathy brought out to visit the shelter.  He should be in a dog free home.  His evaluation will continue and hopefully we can get him matched up with the perfect home soon.

Lakota is a bit shy and likes to hang out away from the camera.  She also is settling in and we know with a little bit of time she’ll know we are not going to hurt her.

We are extremely thankful to Kathy B. for donating the $350 needed to give Woody his gelding (neutering) surgery.

Woody is one of the sweetest little donkey’s that has ever been at the shelter.  When he sees you he will turn around and bray and bray until he knows he has convinced you to come pet him.

The vet appointment had been made and it was time for Woody to load up.  Tawnee and Cathy didn’t wear their uniforms today.  Casual day maybe?  They both seemed to be be on the same page, black pants and pink shirt.  Jason, however, was not wearing a pink shirt.

Tawnee expected that Woody was going to do the typical “I’m not getting in the trailer, you will have to pick every foot up and set it in” donkey move.  But, he walked right up and jumped in without a minutes hesitation.  Such a trusting little guy.

After the drive to the vet the trailer door opened and he looked out.

Soon he was walking out of the trailer…

…and over to his waiting pen.  He will be at the vet for a few days so he can settle in, get gelded, then have a nice rehab.  He should be available for adoption after next week.

Just remember that our Facebook page is a major fundraiser right now.  Just tell your friends to like us!  One of the folks who likes us posted on her wall: “I need everyones help!  A company is willing to donate $.50 for every person that click like on this horse rescues page up until July 31st.  Will you please do this for me so that they can get the donation!! It only takes 2 secs out of your day!! Thank you :o)”  A bunch of her friends liked us!  If everyone just writes a little note like that on their Facebook wall, we’ll get to the 5,000 new likes in no time at all.  Now with the vet clinic sponsoring 5 cents a click, that is $1.10 for every 2 new likes.

Our blog may be sporadic over the next week, but please go to our Facebook page for current updates.

Many thanks to Sondra W., Marsha H., Jennifer B., Cornelia D., Gail G., Kathy B. and Gay B. for their generous support!  You can see your name here, just click.

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